Friday, 26 June 2015

What the heck is STROBING?

what is strobing makeup

I have only been actively back on social media for a week now and was hit with a wave of posts revolving around the new beauty trend, the so called strobing. I quite like the name as I think it perfectly describes what it is. Remember the raging 90s parties with flashing bar lights? Well it's basically that, with less flashing and much better hairstyles than what you would expect from the 90s all happening on your face.

The basic principle of strobing is to focus on accentuating your natural face structure by creating a beautifully dewy makeup look. This new strobing trend involves using illuminating highlighters on all the high points on the face. So instead of using a dark rich powder underneath the cheekbone you focus on the top of the cheekbone with a highlighting stick or liquid illuminator. The experts recommend you completely skip your setting powders so that you do not end up mattifying your look even in the slightest. Down below I added a picture of where I would use strobing. Everyone might not agree with it but these are most of the high points on your face. Personally I don't like highlighting my forehead as it looks big enough already! Please note that I didn't use strobing in the picture down below I just used the picture to map out the suggested areas.

what is strobing

This does sound an awful lot like highlighting right? The difference between the two is that strobing focuses on using products that results in a dewy highlighted effect with no contouring or mattifying of the face. Highlighting are usually used in conjunction with contouring and can be achieved by using glittery products something that is frowned upon within the strobing community. If you are a strober you steer far away from glittery highlighting products and focus on the beautifully natural fresh dewy look that you can achieve using glitter free illuminating products. People also like describing the difference of highlighting vs strobing by comparing it to bronzing vs contouring.

I don't have a ton of highlighting products but I do feel that the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer does a great job at both covering up imperfections but also creating a dewy illuminated effect. Another product I like to use on my brow bone is the Catrice Eyebrow Lifter which works really well on the cupids bow as well. I usually highlight the inner corners of my eyes using a light eye shadow such as the HEAN Velvet Eyeshadow Sinlge in 013.

So that is a basic approach to strobing. I am sure it can be made much more complicated, but I like keeping things simple. I quite like the idea of strobing as I have grown a bit tired of contouring related posts. So I will be enjoying this new beauty trend while it lasts. Will you be getting into strobing? Let me know in the comment section and please remember to leave links to your blogs so I can go stalk your blogs!

daisyperson xx

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dr. Bauer Pobling Pore Cleanser |Review|

I am back! And couldn't be more excited. Being back in a wifi area is just amazing, I seriously don't know how we used to live without it. You might remember a recent post I did on Asian Beauty Spoils. I have been trying out the goodies that I have received and thought I'd share the Dr. Bauer Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser with you as I have been loving it. It has been challenging to always know how the products should be used as most of the information on the packaging is in Korean (I think it is Korean). I decided to do a hybrid post on both how I like to use my Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser as well as a review. 

I have always wanted a facial cleansing device ever since I saw the hype around the Clarisonic Pore Cleansers, but those are way too expensive for something you wash your face with, in my opinion at least. The Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser retails for R263.21|$21.64 which is an absolute steal compared to the R1200 you need for the basic Clarisonic Cleanser. It works with one AA battery and comes with a circular stand available in a variety of colours which makes storage a little bit easier. It feels nice and sturdy in my hand and I am very impressed with the quality of this product especially with how ridiculously dense and soft the brush head is. Lets move on to how I use my Pobling Cleanser.

Dr. Bauer Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser

First of all I start off with cleansing my face. I do this to remove most of the face makeup I am wearing especially on days that I wear a base. I used the deLuxe facial cleanser as I am busy trying this one out for a possible review in the future - if you guys would like one just let me know. I then wet the brush head of the Pobling Pore Cleanser. I like to use the AHA+BHA facial wash (R123.94|$10.19) that I received from BonjourHK. It really is lovely, I can literally rub it straight into my eyes and it wouldn't even burn it. Without turning on the device I just rub the face wash product all over my face to start out with a superficial cleanse. Surprisingly enough it already gets really nice and foamy even before turning the device on. 

Dr. Bauer Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser

I then move on to a deep cleanse and for this I turn on the vibrating function of the Pobling Pore Cleanser. At this stage the face wash gets really nice and foamy and you can really see the nastiness of your face on the brush head. I was actually quite surprised to realise how much oils and dirt this cleanser removes which probably wouldn't have been cleaned as effectively if I just used my hands as I usually do. The vibrating sensation feels really nice on the skin. I love how soft this brush is as I feel that you can really use this product regularly without it being too harsh on the skin. I can imagine the vibrating sensation would increase blood flow to the face which would be great for healing scarring and preventing aging whilst giving your pores the cleanse they deserve. 

The shape of the brush head is also lovely as it fits perfectly underneath your eyes and comfortably moves around all the curves and edges of my face. When I am done I thoroughly rinse out the brush head underneath running water. I do put some time into this as I don't want for it to be dirty and breeding any bacteria, so I used nice and hot water. 

Dr. Bauer Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser

Another great thing about the Dr. Bauer Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser is that you can pop out the head. That way if you store the device in a cupboard you can keep the head out to dry out properly. It comes with a clear cap with some holes in to let water run out. I squash water out of the brush head as I would with my normal makeup brushes and when it is wet the bristles stick together so you can easily fit it back into the clear cap without some hairs sticking out of the sides.

I really love this. My skin feels soft and clean afterwards and the whole process is suprisingly quick. The Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser actually makes washing my face feel like a treat. I use this cleanser two to three times a week, but it is gentle enough to use daily. Would this be something you would be interested to use or do you find it gimmicky? Let me know in the comment section down below and remember to leave links to your blogs so that I can give you a visit too!

daisyperson xx

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I've been lusting after the infamous Chapman sisters Real Techniques brushes ever since I first saw them featured by my favourite YouTubers ages ago. I couldn't get my hands on them without importing them to South Africa so naturally I just never purchased them. Recently I found them again on Biovea after my interest was sparked once again when I heard Foshini has started stocking them. I am happy to report that these brushes are even more gorgeous in real life than I expected!

They do appear slightly smaller than expected but the brush is beautifully dense and soft. The quality is phenomenal and I could not find a single fault with it. I purchased the stippling brush, for some reason I have always wanted this one the most. I have used it to apply blush and foundation both with which it does a very good job. It doesn't soak up all of your foundation either and you can get away with using just as much product if you were to use your hands to apply it. It buffs it out and leaves you with a flawless look.

You might have seen me sharing my excitement when this brush arrived on Instagram.

I purchased the stippling brush early morning at the end of April and couldn't wait for it to be delivered. Biovea promises a three to five day delivery, however after three weeks I still haven't received it. After some complaining it finally arrived. So I am not too impressed with Biovea, but the brush itself is pretty much perfect and for that reason I might actually give biovea another try in the future.

I am so happy that these brushes turned out to be even better than I expected. It is perfect for blush as the longer white bristles doesn't pick up too much product leaving you looking like a clown. The shorter black bristles ensure a soft dense brush that works perfect when buffing out face makeup. I highly recommend this brush! Do you recommend Real Techniques brushes and which one or collection do you recommend I purchase next? Let me know in the comment section and remember to leave links to your blogs!

daisyperson xx

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick FAIL

I recently purchased one of the new Maybelline Color Show lipsticks on Zando. I picked Disco Coral as it looked beautiful in all the swatches online and I could use another coral shade lipstick. The packaging is nice enough in my opinion. I like that it is simple and classic. Not too gimmicky and the colour band in the center is an indication of the lipstick shade inside. 

The lipstick itself was an utter let down. I have never in my life seen a lipstick as shimmery in my life. It basically consists of a bunch of pink glitters kept together with a somewhat nice coral base. The glitters however accumulates on all the dry spots and just looks terrible in general. I feel like a seven year old with her first Barbie lipstick when I wear this. The price is pretty good retailing for R60 on Zando, the pigmentation is really great and it lasts really well but the lipstick iteself isn't worth it in my opinion. The swatch down below looks really nice, but it is not a good indication of what it looks like in real life as I struggled to capture the full extent of the glitters on camera. Furthermore it has an overpowering fruity smells that puts me off.

I was very let down by this lipstick and can't imagine getting any wear out of it. As you can probably tell from this entire review and the title of the post I do not recommend this lipstick. There are so many other things you can use your R60 on! If you do try it just be sure not to purchase Disco Coral unless you love a glittery lip look. I hope you guys are doing well! Remember to leave links to your blogs down below so that I can give your blog a visit.

daisyperson xx

Monday, 8 June 2015

Cotton Candy Nails with Essence

essence 106 free hugs

You can't help but think of cotton candy when you are wearing 106 Free Hugs from Essence. I like girly things, but for the most part I never wear bright pink colours on my nails. While wearing this nail polish, I couldn't stop looking at my nails. The beautiful girly brightness just cheered me up every time I looked at it.

I have quite bad luck with nail polishes in general. Most polishes chip within three days on my nails. It has been going better since I have gotten better top and base coats, but I still get a maximum of five wearable days out of my nails. This Essence nail polish lasted about three days with a base and top coat.

Other than that little bump I am still in love with the Essence nail polish brushes. The thick flat brush makes it very easy to paint nails accurately and quickly. The formula is also very beautifully opaque and I got complete opacity with one coat. Because you are only using one coat it also makes the whole process nice and quick. It is also a dupe for Essie's Lovie Dovie which is great since the Essie polish is more than four times the price.

essence 106 free hugs

It is autumn in South Africa and generally I wouldn't have chosen this as a colour suitable for autumn. Whilst wearing it I actually thought it looked quite nice with the darker heavier colours I lean toward in winter. You can see how nicely it went with the blue jersey I was wearing.

Overall I really enjoyed this nail polish. The lasting power could be better, but since the general consensus is that they last well on other peoples nails, I am assuming it is my nails that are the problem. For R28 I really can't complain!

What do you think of this shade? Is it something you would wear?

Please leave links to your blogs in the comment section!
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