Monday, 5 October 2015

Invisibobble - Original vs Dupe

We all know it is better to prevent damage to your hair than to try and repair it. Once your hair is damaged there really isn't much you can do to reverse that damage. So I have started to try incorporating protecting my hair much more vigorously than before. I have significantly reduced the amount of heat I use on my hair, the types of brushes I use, adding some hair masks and oils and getting rid of damaging hair ties. All of this just to try and prevent my hair from getting damaged unnecessarily. With the Invisibobble promoted all around as being a great way to prevent damage to your hair I wanted to give it a try and see if it would help prevent further damage to my hair. So I purchased the cherry colour to see if it is worth the hype. You get three bobbles for R80 which is really expensive when compared with the general hair ties you can purchase from your grocery store. Taking the price into consideration I was really hoping that this fancy hair tie would be excellent. 

One of the promises of the Invisibobble is that you won't be left with those terrible hair tie lines in your hair when you wear the Invisibobble and I must agree. When removing the hair tie at first you are left with a kink in your hair, but it quickly disappears and your hair is left almost as straight as it was before tying it up. It looks quite nice in your hair, but since I have a red one it obviously isn't invisible, but the clear Invisibobble would be great if that is something you are interested in. Does it cause less damage? I would say definitely, my hair ties are always covered in broken off hairs which is something I never see on my Invisibobble, it also does not make that terrible hair breaking sound you often get when removing normal hair ties. The one thing I don't like is that it does not tie your hair up tightly which is something I find quite important in hair ties. I cannot use the Invisibobble when I go for a run as my hair keeps getting looser and looser and the feeling of a hair tie slipping out is so irritating. I found myself trying to get the bobble really nice and tight around my hair and the result was one of them snapping which is a little bit frustrating when it is actually a really expensive hair tie.

Walking in a local pharmacy one day I stumbled across a dupe of the Invisibobble. It is by the brand Cosmetix who makes a wide variety of hair accessories. The package contains five clear hair ties with a similar shape as that of the Invisibobble but for R30 which means a mere R6 per hair tie compared to the R26 you pay for per Invisibobble. Although I didn't really need more of these hair ties I just had to give it a try as a good dupe is always something everyone needs.

As with the Invisibobble the Cosmetix hair ties are less damaging and does not leave an obvious kink in your hair after wearing it. The one big problem I have with it however is the size thereof. In my opinion the dupe has been made way too big. So in order to tie your hair you have to wrap it around your hair countless times which makes it way too bulky and obvious. It's just too chunky and not invisible at all. It also stretches out much easier than the original product making the whole problem of being too big even worse and as you can see in the pictures they don't really return to their original size although they do shrink a bit after a few hours.

The verdict?

Although expensive the Invisibobble is better than I expected. Be careful to not try to tie it too tight and you will need your original hair ties for sports but at least it means you minimize the time you have damaging hair bands in your hair. Although the Cosmetix dupe version of the Invisibobble is not nearly as good as the original it still is a good option to replace damaging hair ties with. Just do not expect a nice tight ponytail. In the end it all boils down to how much you are willing to pay for a hair tie. Is paying R80 for three hair ties really worth it? Let me know what you think in the comment section down below and please remember to leave links to your blogs as well!

daisyperson xx

Monday, 28 September 2015

LA Girl Beauty Brick |NUDES

la girl NUDES

After waiting for months the LA Girl Beauty Bricks in Nude finally returned! Actually it arrived a month ago, but I've wanted to test it properly before writing this blog post. Nonetheless I am happy to have this blog post up today and with such an exciting palette as the feature.

I posted a long preview post on the Ultra palette back in March when my local pharmacy, Dischem, sold these for the first time. I couldn't get my hands on the nude palette at that time and anxiously awaited their return in August. This time around they luckily had much more stock and I was able to buy this palette for about R80. As this palette is a well known dupe for the famous third Naked Palette by fellow beauty bloggers this is just one of those palettes that you need to own. 

la girl NUDES

As with the Ultra palette the Nude palette contains a selection of twelve eyeshadows this time with nude shades and they are all flipping stunning. The packaging is the same cardboard case with a magnet to easily close the palette and a relatively small mirror. With four matte and eight shimmery shades this palette is absolutely perfect to create gorgeous everyday looks or the current golden eye shadow trend that I will definitely be sporting this summer. 

la girl NUDES

Down below I have added swatches of all of the shadows in this palette. I find the matte shades to be less pigmented than the shimmery shades and I'm not too impressed by shades one and two. The rest however are gorgeous with good pigmentation. The shadows are buttery, easy to blend and has minimal fallout.

la girl NUDES

la girl NUDES

One shade I do miss with this palette is a nice matte chocolate brown to intensify the crease with. So generally I would use the lighter shimmery shades over my eyelid with the lighter matte shades on my brow bone and then finish the look with one of my other matte brown eye shadows. Personally I prefer mixing shimmers and mattes instead of creating a look solely based on shimmers which can overall just be too much.

la girl NUDES

This is yet another hit from LA Girl and I will definitely be getting loads of wear out of this palette in the summer. Let me know if anyone is interested in seeing a golden eye shadow look created by this very affordable palette. Have you tried this palette yet? Do you have any other suggestions for dupes for the Naked palettes? Let me know down below and remember to leave links to your blogs!

daisyperson xx

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lip Tinting

berrisom lip tint pack

We tint our lashes, brows even our skins when self tanning so naturally the next step was to try tinting my lips. I received this cute Berrisom Lip Tint Pack from BonjourHK in a box they recently sent me and decided to put it to the test. I'm not going to lie it was slightly nerve wrecking just because I haven't used anything like this before. Keep reading to see how it turned out.

First of all I like the packaging, it's really cute and suits the purpose of this product. It's not something you are going to carry with you when you go out for the night so it doesn't need to look very luxurious and for this reason I am not too bothered by the packaging. Overall it is very functional, it is easy to squeeze out some product and the applicator tip works well to distribute the product somewhat evenly.

berrisom lip tint pack

The tinting liquid is quite sticky. I applied it directly to my lips and needed to use a lot of product to get an even layer. Applying an even layer is really important as you do use it as a tint and patchy lips wasn't my goal. Once applied you need to keep it on the lips for 10-15 minutes or until it is dry and start peeling when you move your lips. Whilst drying it feels really uncomfortable and it is very sticky. I had to keep my mouth in a pout just because it would drive me nuts to touch my lips because it was so sticky. Although it felt uncomfortable on my lips it was not unbearable and it did not sting or have any weird kind of reactions with my lips.

berrisom lip tint pack

So at the top left you can see my lips before using the tint. Top right has a picture of the layer I applied. You have to use quite a bit of product for it to cover the entire lip evenly. You can also see that there are some spots I should've applied more product. Bottom left you can see how easily the lip tint peels off. It is not painful at all, rather satisfying actually. Then bottom right is the end result. Keep in mind that the bottom lip stains easier than the top lip so apply the tint to your top lip first and remove the bottom lips tint before the top to get a more even tint.

With regards to the end result it didn't make a gigantic difference to my lips, but keep in mind that is a lip tint and not a lipstick. I like the pink tint it gave my lips and it actually lasted five hours before fading. It also didn't dry my lips out which I expected to happen. This is not something I would apply every single day, it would just take too long. If you are still in school and you are not allowed to wear makeup then this could be a pretty cool solution to just add a fun but subtle pop of colour to your daily look. I have also applied this before going to events such as hiking or some sporty affair where you can't wear makeup but you just want to add some colour to your face without looking like you are wearing anything.

This was a fun product to try which I probably would have gotten more use out of when I was still in school. So if you are around that age, or a sporty person who generally do not get to wear lipstick but wish you could this could be something that comes in very handy. Have you tried anything like this? Let me know in the comment section and please leave links to your blogs so that I can give you a read too!

daisyperson xx

Monday, 7 September 2015

Spring Beauty Picks

It has been absolutely beautiful in South Africa these last couple of spring days. I could actually switch out boots for flats something that I have not imagined even a week ago. In the spirit of the new season I thought I would share a few products that I am very excited to start using more often now that it is spring. This post will be filled with tons of pink products so if you are not a pink wearer yourself I am sorry, but pinks are my go to beauty product shade and so I am very excited to wear these more often. I have included one blush, four lipsticks and five nail polishes.

I have read many great things of 3 Concept Eyes before and so when BonjourHK sent me this orange blush in the shade boo boo I was really excited to finally give their products a try. Although I am a little bit afraid of just how intensely orange this blush is I think it will be a great product for this coming spring and summer. This is a  great addition to my predominantly pink blush collection.

Elusive is a gorgeous vibrant pink from the Revlon Colorburst line. Although it seems muted in the tube itself it is actually a vibrant pink that suits the warmer months perfectly. Besides the colour I love that this matte lipstick lasts long and leaves the lips with a hint of a stain. It is also not as drying as many matte balms can be.

As I typically reach for nude and pink lipsticks on a daily basis Melon Burst by Yardley is not my go to lipstick but it is one I love nonetheless. It is such a beautiful shade with a lovely formula. It is a cream based lipstick but it doesn't melt or slide on the lips. It is moisturizing but still feels sturdy on the lips. 

I've already raved about this lipstick enough in the post where I reviewed the Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss lipsticks. I've been wearing the berry one a lot through winter, but not so much this pink one. Although the shades are quite similar I feel this pink one suits spring and summer better. I actually wore this one last night to a birthday dinner and was just again reminded of why I love them. Moisturizing and vibrant, what more could you want?

The last lipstick I have to share with you today is the Wet 'n Wild lipstick in Think Pink. I recently won this in an Instagram giveaway and since it has been cold here I have not been wearing lipsticks as light as this one. I am very excited however to give this one a go in spring as it is such a beautiful light pink shade and different from anything else that I own. I love my other Wet 'n Wild lipsticks, they are matte without being drying and good lasting power although they are very affordable. Wet 'n Wild is just one of those drugstore brands that every girl needs to own.

I always like Catrice nail polishes. The formula is really nice and opaque and the wide flat brush makes application quick and easy. Gallon of Melon is a beautiful melon shade. I love melons and I love this shade. I am definitely looking forward to wearing this guy! I can't really wear such bright colours when I do my practicals so this one will probably have to wait for weekends or until I have summer holiday.

Fiji is one of Essie's most gorgeous pastel shades and I love it every single time I wear it. The formula of this nail polish is not good at all. You need about three coats for complete opacity with a tiny little brush that really makes application difficult and very slow in my opinion. After the struggle of the application process the lasting power is really poor and it usually chips within two days on my nails. The colour is perfect for spring, but be aware that it doesn't come without some struggles.

Ordinary Misfit by HEAN had made my June Favourites list recently. Although this shade is probably too vibrant for winter I still enjoyed wearing it as it is a really nice and soft pink that is not too bright. As this shade will suit spring perfectly I had to add it to this list of nail polishes I am excited to get more wear out of this spring.

This is one of my all time favourite nail polish shades. Essence you really hit the nail on the head with Serendipity! This shade works across all seasons in my opnion. It suits most colours you wear. The formula ensures complete opacity with one coat and as with all Essence nail polishes I only get about three days of wear out of them unfortunately. I also like this brush as it is wide and flat as the Catrice one making application a breeze.

Ending of this little list is the Essence nail polish I Nude It from the nudes range. It is an off white nail polish with a very subtle pearl effect. You only notice it if you really look for it so don't worry it's not weirdly obvious. The formula isn't as great as Serendipity mentioned above, you need at least two coats for complete opacity, but it does have the same nice brush and I get around the same wear out of this guy.

So that is what I will be wearing this spring. Which one is your favourite and what products do you recommend I try? Please let me know down below in the comments and remember to leave links to your blogs so that I can give you a read too!

daisyperson xx

Friday, 28 August 2015

L.A. Girl Matte Gloss Review

L.A. Girl matte gloss

Everyone and their mother has heard of the fabulous products L.A. Girl have produced and at incredible prices too. Some of my all time favourites is from this brand and at a fraction of the price from what you normally would pay. We all fell in love with the concealers, lip liners and eyeliners and don't forget the famous Beauty Bricks which have once again sold out at my local pharmacy (this time I luckily managed to get the nude one though!). The fairy tale however has sadly come to an end for me.

I really didn't believe that L.A. Girl could do anything wrong, but unfortunately these Matte Lip Glosses have proved me wrong. First of all I love the packaging. It looks really nice and the calligraphy is quite cool in my opinion. The shades they had left wasn't my favourites, but I only had time to go to Dischem after they have been selling these for a week and so the nudes and some of the nicer pinks have been sold out. I opted for these two - a red, Secret, and a pink one, Bazaar.

These are essentially lip glosses that dries down to a matte finish. I don't really get why they didn't just call it something like a lip lacquer or even a liquid lipstick as there is absolutely nothing glossy about this product aside from it's doe foot applicator. The applicator is a  nightmare in my opinion. It applies the product unevenly and the applicator is really big so it makes precise application very challenging. I scrape almost all the product off of the applicator to get decent application and would thus recommend you do this too. It really isn't something you could throw in your bag to easily touch up throughout the day without needing a mirror and patience. The scent is rather chemical like which is off putting, but it isn't noticeable once you have it on your lips so it is not too bad at least.

L.A. Girl secret

The pigmentation is pretty phenomenal. The colour pay off you get is really good for the price you pay and the "gloss" quickly sets with a matte finish. This part of the "gloss" I love, but as it is a matte it does accentuate dry spots on your lips as all matte lipsticks do and it is really drying. I put on some lip balm before applying the lipstick to my lips which definitely helps to improve even application and it doesn't accentuate your dry spots so much then, but my lips keeps feeling extremely dry whilst wearing this and dry lips drives me nuts. The thing that I hate most about this product however is that it feels extremely sticky on the lips even after wearing it for half an hour. If I press my lips together they stick. It is so irritating that I have literally not been able to keep this on for longer than half an hour.

LA girl bazaar

This was a big let down for me and a total waste of the R70 that they each cost. I really feel like returning them, but I bought them sealed in a three for two special and so I am not sure what the return policy of Dischem is with regards to this, so if you do know please let me know!

Have you tried these before and did you like them? Let me know down below and please remember to leave links to your blogs so that I can return the favour!

daisyperson xx