Friday, 31 July 2015

HEAN Velvet Eyeshadow Singles | Review

I have been loving eyeshadows lately. Much more than ever before. If you have been reading my blog since it was a fetus you will know that I've never really blogged much about eyeshadows until recently. That is just because I didn't regularly take the time or have the tools to actually apply it properly. Having more than one brush really makes a massive difference to any eye look. I thought I would share my thoughts on some HEAN Velvet Eyeshadow singles that I purchased earlier this year. 

The HEAN Velvet Eyeshadow singles retails for R60 on the Glamore webpage. I really like the packaging as it is simple and the mechanisms feel really nice and sturdy. It feels like a good quality product. I hate when I open an eyeshadow single and it feels like I'm going to break it so that's not the case here luckily. I purchased shade 9 which is a gorgeous chocolaty brown and 13 which is a lighter shade that I bought to brighten the brow bone and blend the eyeshadow edges with. Both of these are lovely matte shades and you can see them swatched below. They are smooth to touch and feel like a very finely milled eyeshadow powder.

The pigmentation of the eyeshadow singles is fair. You can build it up to a gorgeous dark brown look without much fuss. The lighter shade also works really nice to blend out the outer edges of the brown eyeshadow with. One thing I miss with these though is that they don't do much to brighten the look. That is understandable considering it is matte eyeshadows and so they do not contain any shimmery specks that can catch the light. I took one of my shimmery Essence eyeshadow singles in 58 Cappucino Please just to apply towards the middle half of my lid to brighten the look I created down below. 

Overall these eyeshadows are very buildable. They are easy to blend and they have a good lasting power. With me they tend to last about four to six hours. With an eyeshadow base however they often last even more than eight hours. I really like these and will definitely recommend you try them if you are looking for some good quality affordable matte eyeshadows. It is slightly more difficult to get your hands on these as they are not available in store, but if you end up buying R250 or more worth of goods you get it shipped for free.

I have been really into browns for neutral eye makeup looks and this is such a great shade to use. Do you have any other drugstore eyeshadow singles or palettes that you can recommend? What is your current go to shades? Let me know down below and remember to leave links to your blogs so that I can read and comment on yours too!

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tanning Tuesday #1

caribbean tan review

Whenever I think of self tanning I immediately think of obviously orange people. I remember in school there was new body lotion products that came onto the market that also contained a small amount of self tanner and the girls were going crazy over it. I wished I could have it too, but my mom has always encouraged us not to follow the crowds and to find pride in ourselves even if it meant we looked or acted differently. About four days later all of the girls returned to school with orange palms and legs and I was too relieved that mom was once again right.

With that as my frame of reference with regards to self tanning I wasn't sure what to expect when Caribbean Tan blessed me with a hefty press drop filled to the brim with a variety of their self tanning products. I felt a little bit overwhelmed actually and had no idea where to start and if I would walk out of this a temporary Oompa Loompa. Although wary I have always wanted to try self tanning. I have one of those very irritating pale skins that is extremely difficult to tan. I turn bright red and painful just for it to result in shedding and returning to my original fifty shades of white. After extensive tanning I am able to build up a tan, but that requires hours in the sun. Hours that I am no longer willing to risk with my increased awareness of not only skin cancer, but also premature ageing of skin and so I am done with spending hours baking in the sun without protection.

Seeing as it is winter in South Africa I believe this is the best time start self tanning for the first time. This way I can exactly see what a product will do on my skin, but still be able to cover it up with jeans and tights if it were to go wrong. The past summer I hardly came in the sun and although I have passed most of the insecure stages of my life I am going to lie if I say that I wasn't aware of my pasty white legs compared to that of the bronze legs of society. Something one of my friends once said has also haunted me for years now, "brown fat looks better than white fat" of course she is tanned by nature, but for my pale skinned self that has made me extremely self conscious of my colouration. It's not like I now want to self tan myself into a different ethnic group I just want that reflective edge of my whiteness to be dimmed down and personally I would much rather do that by self tanning than by baking in damaging UV rays. 

So if you have read everything above you know that I am a self tanning noob. I am looking for a quick and easy self tanning experience which will hopefully not leave me orange. So as I have never self tanned before I invite you to take this tanning journey with me. Believe me if these products will be easy enough for me to use it will definitely be easy enough for the vast majority of you reading if not all of you!

First of all I was very excited to see that the Caribbean Tan products have shade A available which sounds perfect for me. It is for fair/white skin that burns easily and tans minimally. So you can use this little colour indication to help pick which shade would best suit your skin. This already made me feel more at ease as I realised that it was going to be gradual and would most probably suit my skin.

caribbean tan review

Moving on to prepping of skin a crucial step to prevent patchy application is exfoliation. I used the Caribbean Tan Cinnamon and Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfoliator right after shaving my legs. It is a sugar based exfoliator that smells amazing! It was such a treat to use. I applied it in my bath even though they recommend you apply it before you shower or bath and then wash it off. While applying it in the bath I quickly relised that it is a rather oily exfoliator and I probably should have followed their advice, but since I was in the bath already to shave my legs I figured it couldn't be too terrible. Although it being oily might sound off putting it left my skin feeling baby soft. After washing off most of the product I emptied the bath and then ran in some clean water and used my regular body wash to help wash off the exfoliator.

caribbean tan review

The exfoliator didn't feel harsh on the skin, the scent made the whole experience feel like a luxurious treat and it was very easy to wash the residue out of the bath with some Handy Andy. My legs was left bumpless and beautifully soft. This exfoliator retails for around R55 at Dischem and Clicks and I would use and recommend this even if I wasn't planning on using any tanning products. 

caribbean tan spritzer review

Before tanning it is advisable to wait until all of the oils of the exfoliator or creams you might have applied are absorbed. I took my bath around 11 am, although they recommend you shave the day before I shaved right before exfoliating. I then went to the gym, got home, showered again and then at around 5 pm I applied the self tanner. The first one I tried is the Caribbean Tan Spritzer. This is the self tanner with a drying time of five minutes. It immediately leaves your skin looking slightly more tanned after application and deepens up to eight hours after application. It comes with a soft black mitt in the box that you can use to help evenly apply the tanner. 

I literally held the bottle a few centimeters from my leg, sprayed and then just worked it into the skin with the mitt. It was very quick and really easy. One thing I forgot was to concentrate on the amount I apply on each area of the leg. With my second leg, the right leg, I realised after a while that I have been going to town on this leg, but I had no idea how much more product I applied compared to the left leg. It didn't bother me too much as I am just wearing long pants right now but it is definitely something I will take notice of when I do this again. That just explains why my right leg looks a bit more tanned in the picture. The picture on the left shows my legs before application and the picture on the right was taken on the next day.

caribbean tan review

Overall this was so easy, it felt dry almost immediately but I did give it the recommended 5 minutes before putting on some loose fitting pants. As you can see above the tan deepened over the next 8 hours to a really nice bronzed look. I love that it still looks natural and it just took away that reflective edge my pasty white legs had. It's been less than a week that I have been wearing it and so far the tan is holding up beautifully and it doesn't look orange at all. Unfortunately I cannot comment on how long the tan lasted as it is winter and I am literally wearing skinny jeans and leggings everyday which would definitely shorten the lifespan. I will however keep you updated but so far it has been holding up well. You can purchase the Caribbean Tan Spritzer at Dischem or Clicks for R94.95.

So far I am loving my first self tanning experience. All of the fears I have had now seem insignificant. I now realise the importance of keeping count of the amount of sprays I put on each leg, but that I don't have to worry about turning into an Oompa Loompa when using the Caribbean Tan products!

Do you regularly self tan? What is your thoughts on it? Have you tried Caribbean Tan products? Please let me know in the comment section and remember to leave links to your blogs!

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

ALMAY Butter Kiss Lipsticks | Review

Almay, the cosmetics company owned by Revlon, are best known for their hypoallergenic products. Although I have never tried many of their products I did like the Color + Care lip glosses. When I first saw the Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss lipsticks they immediately reminded me of the cult favourite Revlon Lip Butters as well as the new Ultra HD lipsticks. The Almay lipsticks however have a slightly more limited colour selection than that of the Revlon ranges. 

The Smart Shade Butter Kiss lipsticks comes in shades of pink, berry, nude and red. Each with three variants Light, Light/Medium and Medium. I am not too sure why they decided to do it this way as I find it a little bit unimaginative. In the end there is a variety of pinks, reds, purples and nudes and you could decide for yourself how intense you want your shade. I guess the idea of creating a lipstick to match unique skin tones is good, but I think they would have sold more if they had a bigger variety available. In the end it's just a lipstick and you can pretty much wear whatever you want.

After reading many blog posts with a bunch of swatches the overall feeling was that Pink - Light/Medium and Berry - Light was the best performing shades available. Some of the other shades tended to be too sheer and I didn't want a red as I already own a few similar reds that I hardly ever wear. I love the two shades that I purchased. They are sheer as they are buttery lipsticks which of course makes them very moisturizing, but they are very buildable. Much more than I expected. You can get a very vibrant lip with the use of this lipstick. Berry - Light is a lovely warm shade which is great for winter. Since it is quite sheer you would be able to wear it in summer too. Making these lipsticks a great choice across all seasons. I added swatches below where you can see how buildable these lipsticks are. 

I like the packaging although it doesn't have a luxurious feel to it. It doesn't get the cap dirtly which is a massive plus in my opinion as that has been a problem with the Revlon HD lipsticks. Another thing I love about this packaging is that the colour of the inner tube matches the lipstick bullet's shade making it easy to identify which shade you want. 

Although similar to the Revlon Lip Butters these are less buttery in my opinion and I prefer that. It doesn't feel as slippery on the lips, but it is just as moisturizing. The Almay Butter Kiss lipsticks' consistency is close to perfect being moisturizing without feeling sloppy. The lasting power is average as with most buttery lipsticks and I get a max of two hours of wear out of these. They do leave a slight stain though so your lips are definitely left looking gorgeous even once the actual lipstick has disappeared.

I really don't have anything bad to say about these lipsticks. They retail for R95 at Dischem which is about R50 less expensive than the new Revlon lipsticks and they perform just as well, maybe even better.

A big thumbs up from my side as these are really good lipsticks. Have you tried them before? What did you think of them and do you prefer the Almay lipsticks or the Revlon ones? Let me know in the comment section and as always please remember to leave links to your blogs so I can read yours too!

daisyperson xx

Revlon Lip Butter Review

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Winter MOTD

If you are from the North you are probably thinking I am crazy posting a Winter MOTD post this time of the year, but as most of you have probably figured out I am from the southern hemisphere and here it's been full blown winter. My hands are freezing as I am typing this. I have been sticking to the same makeup routine lately so I figured that I would take you through my current makeup routine that I have been wearing pretty much daily. I obviously deviate from this from time to time and generally I tend to skip BB cream unless there is some reason that I feel like I need the extra coverage.

I start off with a HEAN primer, this one is just a tester but I have been loving it. My BB cream just last longer and I do feel that my pores are less obvious when wearing this primer. I use the amount on my finger in the picture for my entire face and I apply it with my hands as this is the quickest way to do it. I then use my Real Techniques Stippling brush to apply my Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector. I prefer the lightweight feel of BB creams over foundations and feel that it still gives me enough coverage. I buff it into my skin until it is nicely blended in. Remember not to forget about your ears and neck. I usually just brush over my ears when there isn't much product left on the brush. 

Moving on I prep my eyelids with the Essence I ♥ Stage Eyeshadow base (review here). You need the tiniest amount to cover your eyelid. I use my fingers to rub it in. It just does a great job at intensifying the eyeshadows, increasing wear and overall ensuring a more flawless look.

I then move on to eyeshadows and I used my current favourite palette the BonjourHK Flormar palette that was also featured in my June Favourites post. I start off with picture (1) by applying the second lightest shade, a light taupe, over the entire eyelid with a wide flat eyeshadow brush. I then (2) take the second darkest shade, the latte shade, and blend it into my crease with my CALA blending brush. To intensify the look I add the darkest shade (3) of the palette to the crease with the same CALA blending brush. When that is done I take my Dresslink angled kabuki brush (4) and blend it all out to prevent any harsh lines.

Another product that has been taking over my blog lately is the Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow gel mascara. Great product that I have raved about countless times. It is quick and easy and fills your brows whilst still keeping them looking natural. They do have a darker shade available as well. I resorted to pulling weird faces because I started feeling really awkward with all of these pictures.

I think I might have had a little bit performance anxiety when I took these pics because I squeezed out a bit too much concealer, but instead of just not applying it like a normal person I decided I will make it work. I am still in love with this LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer and I am sure I will be for the rest of my life. I like applying it underneath my eyes in a triangular form and then I take it up my cheekbone in a straight line. I like doing this as I feel that it gives my eyeshadow a much more crisp and definite finish. 

I also put some concealer down my nose to brighten this high point and I blend it up towards my forehead to give the forehead a little bit of illumination as well. I put some concealer around the edges of my nose because I always have some redness in these areas. I use either the rounded or flat top kabuki brush that I received from Dresslink and since using a brush to blend in my concealer I feel that it looks completely different. It gives it a much more airbrushed finish. Because these brushes are so soft and dense they are quite similar to my Real Techniques stippling brush, but just a smaller version.

I only apply my highlighting eyeshadows once my concealer is finished. I need some concealer to blur out the dark circles which happens to overlap with where I like to put my highlighting eyeshadows. In picture (a) I used the lightest shade in my Flormar palette to highlight my brow bone. I then (b) took a highlighting shade from my Edgars Design palette and applied it to the inner half of my eyelids. Taking the lightest shade of the Design palette (c) I lightly brush it over the inner corners of my eyes as it does an amazing job at brightening up your eyes. For all of these I used my CALA angled eyeshadow brush.

To round off my face I move on to my Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing powder. These bronzers are slightly more pricey, but the quality is amazing and they have some amazing shades for paler skin. They do have a sale on now so if you are interested it is a good idea to head over there before the sale is over. I have had this bronzer for ages and have still not made much of a dent in it. I use my Barbara Hofmann blush brush/angled face brush to apply bronzer in the 3E formation concentrating it below my cheekbone. I then take the sharp tapered Dresslink kabuki brush and add a little bit of bronzer down the sides of my nose. I think it slims my nose down a bit and I quite like the look of it. I tap a small amount of one of my favourite blushes, Essence Silky Touch blush in Adorable, onto my cheekbones with my Essence Powder brush.

Lately I have been using two Catrice mascaras, the Jet lash and Better Than False lashes one. I like the way they look together. At the top you can see I have no mascara on the left eye and only the Jet Lash mascara on the right eye. The bottom picture is the finished look with both mascaras applied. Do you guys think two mascaras is overdoing it? What do you tend to do?

I usually tend to keep things natural in the lipstick department but since it is winter I decided to throw a plum lip in as well. I didn't realise the first two will show up this similar, but I have been using both of them tons lately. On the left is a recent addition and addiction. It is Vintage Rose of the Rimmel Moisture Renew range and in my opinion a gorgeous mauve, perfect for winter. Then I have the Almay Smart Shade lipstick in Berry-Light, another very moisturizing lipstick that is very easy to wear. The last picture is LA Girl in Romance. It is a gorgeous lipstick and I love everything LA Girl makes, but I doubt I'd ever pull this off!

I decided to add a close up of the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Vintage Rose just so you can get a better view of what a beautiful shade this really is! 

Let me know what your current must have makeup product is in the comment section. And remember to leave links to your blogs so I can read and comment on your blogs too!

daisyperson xx

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Giveaway #2 WINNER

And the winner of the BrushEgg and Brush Guard giveaway with Swiitch South Africa is Naidene! Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to enter! Hopefully the next giveaway will be sooner rather than later!

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