Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Winter Makeup Must Haves!

Hot chocolate, fire places, scarves and my mothers potato and cream soup are a few of the things I love about winter. But generally I would say I am more of a spring girl. Nothing too hot or too cold for me thank you! As winter is creeping in in the Northern Hemisphere I decided to share a few of the beauty products I could not go without out during our passed winter.

winter makeup must haves

One of my all time favourite lipsticks for winter was my Revelon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum. This little guy has been featured many times on my blog (swatches HERE). I love the colour. I love how moisturizing it is. I love the packaging. You get the idea? I love it! Another great more vampy colour for winter is the Lip Butter in Red Velvet. It is absolutely gorgeous if you like wearing something a bit more daring!

revlon lipbutter sugar plum red velvet

I also really enjoyed my Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick in 220 Maroon. It is a darkish nude that is easy to throw on with any look. This one was featured in my July Lipstick Favourites and naturally found its way into my Winter Must Haves. The brown tones in this lipstick is what makes it perfect for winter. It creates a very warm natural look. I also prefer the consistency of these ultimate colour lipsticks over the ultimate shine lipsticks of Catrice.

catrice ultimate colour 200 maroon

I guess Catrice makes the best products for winter because my next winter must have is also from Catrice. It is the Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm. It looks like a typical lip crayon, but keep in mind that it is not a stain! It is important to realise that because I was expecting a stain and when it turned out to be a balm I was really disappointed. However as a balm it is lovely. The colour pay-off is remarkable for a balmy product and you can really build it onto your lips. Then it is also very moisturizing and smells amazing! As you can see mine has gotten a whole lot of lovin already!

catrice pure shine colour lip balm

The two nail polishes I enjoyed wearing the most was first of all my Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer in 770 put lavendar on agenda that I did a whole post on here. However they have discontinued this beautiful colour but I see they do have a new purple 64 It's time for lovender that looks similar to this one. I also loved Wet N Wilds Coloricon nail polish in Haze of Love. I was very disappointed with how quickly it chipped but after reapplying it held a bit longer but the unique almost burgandy colour suited winter perfectly. I would live with the chips just for the colour! It is beyond gorgeous.

best nail polish for winter

My favourite blush for winter was the Wet N Wild blusher in Mellow Wine. When swatching it it comes off as a very pigmented red. The reddish tone is perfect for a rosy cheeked look that we associate with winter weather. Sometimes peachy or light pink blushes can be a bit too light during the colder months. I felt this one was a great match for winter.

wetnwild blush mellow wine

To combat the drying of our skins I use the Freeman Anti Stress Dead Sea Minerals mask. It is light blue in colour and makes you look like a sheer smurf when wearing it! I love it! Other than that it is not too drying and leaves your skin feeling really soft. You can also leave it on for hours without it starting to feel like it is burning your skin. I hate when masks does that!

freeman anti-stress mask dead sea minerals

Let me know in the comment section what products you cannot go without during winter.

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Stay warm northern friends!
daisyperson xx

Friday, 17 October 2014

Quick and Easy Halloween Outfit Ideas

Surprise surprise it is that time of the year again! Wow this year is flying by. After being asked by one of you guys on some tips for a costume party she was going to I was inpired to do a blogpost on some easy ideas for costumes this halloween or for any other fancy dress.

Personally I really enjoy fancy dress events. There is just something thrilling about getting out of your comfort zone and getting to be a little bit crazy for at least one evening. Choosing a cool yet good looking costume without breaking the bank can be frustrating though. Whenever I plan my outfit I always try and base it on the clothes I already own. I don't believe that one should be spending a whole lot of money on clothes and props that you will only wear once. A few good props are always good to own though since you can build multiple outfits around it in the future, but one could build many different outfits without having to spend a penny.

I came up with three possible outfit ideas. The idea is to keep things really simple and quick. This isn't supposed to be the most complicated outfits. This is something you can throw together quickly with no hassle and without it getting spendy. 

I hope you like the ideas and it would make my day if it actually helped someone. If you have any cool suggestions some of the readers might benefit from please leave them in the comment section!

Outfit #1 - The Bee

This is extremely simple, yet cute and easy to dress up to something more sexy or modest depending on your taste. Throw on a short tight dress and heels and it's sexy, a more modest dress and less slutty shoes and you have something a bit more modest. You get the idea...

Quick and easy halloween costume; bee costume

So what you will need is a plain black dress, or a black shirt and skirt combo, some yellow ribbon, a set of fairy wings, an alice band (preferably black but any colour will do) and two black or yellow pipe cleaners. You can add any black shoes and possibly some stockings depending on the weather where you live. The ribbon should be 1,5 to 2 centimeters  wide and could be the hard or material kind of ribbon.

So basically you want to attach some horizontal yellow stripes across your upper body to create the signature bee lines. Measure it and then get someone to help or do it yourself and staple the single pieces of ribbon across your body by stapleing the two ends of the ribbon together. If they are tight enough they will stay in place and not slip down. You could attach them directly to your dress, but if you are afraid of ruining the dress you can staple them at the back and then attach it to the dress with some double sided tape. I recommend only putting lines over your upperbody. If you put them around your hips they tend to rip when sitting down and around your legs they can get in the way when trying to walk.

Most people own their own set of costume wings or at least know someone who owns it. Otherwise they are generally quite affordable. A true bee can't live without its wings right, so this is quite important for this outfit.

To make your antennae take your alice band and secure the pipe cleaners onto the top by wrapping the pipe cleaner once or twice around the alice band. You now have an alice band with two pipe cleaners going straight up on it. Take the pipe cleaners and bend it into a spiral so that it looks like the head gear in the picture.

And voila, you are a bee for a night. Don't get high on all the pollen!

Outfit #2 - The Stepford Wife

The next idea is inspired by The American Dream. Basically it's like a stepford wife or a lady from the fifties. For this all you need is a high neck dress (added bonus if it flares out a bit from the waist down), red lipstick, pearls, and preferably white pump heels but nude heels or anything that works with this style should be fine. Adding a cute 50s inspired clutch and some neat waves to your hair can do wonders for this outfit. When I wore this outfit I added long white gloves which I thought worked pretty well. 

quick and easy halloween costume; stepford wife costumeAs you can see this is relatively easy to build from clothes you or your friends probably already own. As for the pearls, you can easily make some fake ones for really cheap if you have a bead shop close by!

Outfit #3 - The Mafia

Up next we have a mafia inspired outfit. This one is probably the easiest one to put together. I was invited to a party where the girls had to dress like flappers and the guys like mafia bosses. Since I really do not own anything even close to flapper-like I decided to go as a Mafia Boss and was surprised at how easy it was to put together.

So basically you need a black or navy pencil skirt (if possible the skirt should be above the knee), a white collar shirt, black tights, a black hat and then some sort of black heels depending on how fierce you would like to look. Mafia hats tend to have a wider rim almost like a Panama hat or a wide rimmed Fedora compared to the more common thin rim Fedoras. However if a Fedora is all you have then do not let it stop you as this will also work perfectly. I purchased a mafia hat at a costume shop for really cheap, but that's just because I own no hats, like literally not even a summer hat.

quick and easy halloween costume; mafia girl costume

You can tuck the shirt into the skirt if you want. I find that girls with slightly more pronounced hips tend to look better when they do not tuck the shirt in, but basically just wear it in a way that you feel comfortable. Adding a toy gun can be fun but I don't think it is neccessary to make this outfit work.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! It is a bit of a deviation from what I usually post, but I really enjoyed writing it a lot. What did you wear to the last costume/halloween party you went to? Let me know in the comment section, it will be fun to read!

If you decide to wear one of these outfits to a party please tag me in the photo! I would love to see how you recreated it! Tag me: @daisypersonblog on both Instagram and Twitter. 

If you are looking for some more last minute Halloween costume ideas or just want to have a laugh look at these funny ones: http://9gag.com/gag/aqZnorP?ref=mobile.s.cp

Have fun with Halloween!
daisyperson xx

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Being weighed down by your scale?

I created my blog basically because I love reading blogs and wanted to write my own. The aim was to solely be focused on makeup since my interest in it has grown exponentially over the last year and a half. It was also during this time that I became much more interested in staying healthy and becoming active and would therefore love to share my thoughts and experiences on this topic as well.

Makeup will always be the main focus of my blog so I will definitely continue to post those every Friday. My lifestyle posts will probably go up on Tuesdays, but I still need to decide whether or not I want to do them weekly, every two weeks or monthly. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this even if you hate the fitness posts! Please let me know what you think of it though. At least it would mean posting more often!

Anyway getting back to the main reason I am writing this post by getting down to where my healthy living journey sort of started. 

I wouldn't say I had major weight issues. I have never been obese or overweight according to my BMI, but I got quite high up in the normal range. We all know our own bodies and you can see when you have a few extra kilograms that is just hanging around and keeping you behind. I am not going to be specific about what I weighed and what I weigh now purely because I think it's unnecessary to be overly focussed on the numbers on the scale. Your fitness goals should be aimed towards something that will make you feel better as a person, or put you in a position to accomplish things that you cannot accomplish with your current physical abilities. Your goals should NOT be focussed on a ridiculous weight target just because you think you will be happier once you have lost a certain amount of weight. Our bodies and bodily functions differ and therefore certain "weights" are not as easy for everyone to reach. 

I will be honest at first it was only focussed on that number on the scale on a Monday morning. I had to learn the hard way how demoralizing it can be when the scale does not reflect the hard work you have put into the week. A scale is a magnificent tool to aid in the process to a healthier you, but it shouldn't be the main tool you use to measure your progress. 

What is the use of a scale then? I think it is good practice to weigh yourself on a specific day each week so that you can track your progress over the course of months (not from one week to another) and also to help keep you accountable. If you start going a bit cray with the chocolates or ice cream it will probably show up on the scale. So it helps you visualise where you are heading towards and therefore you can stop say binge eating before things get too out of hand. 

Some tips for when you weigh yourself: 
  • Do it on the same day each week. This way you can easily track your weight loss in an accurate manner. I use a website www.fatsecret.co.za to aid in keeping a weight diary and then it also has other properties such as calorie counting, but we can go into more detail about that in future posts.
  • Get naked! Take off everything when you weigh yourself so that you get the most accurate number. Even wet hair can add half a kilo to your weight.
  • The timing is important. Weigh yourself after your morning pee and before you drink or eat.
  • Check once in a while if your scale is still calibrated.

How the heck do you measure progress if you are not using the scale? I am sure everyone already knows the answer but basically through living! Feeling more energised, getting up the flight of stairs without being out of breath, maybe it is a simple task such making the bed, you know all of those activities of daily living that you can now finish without getting tired or out of breath. There is nothing quite as rewarding as physically feeling what a difference the little bit more effort you are putting in does to your body and mind. 

Before I started exercising again I could literally not climb a flight of stairs without feeling my heart rate go up and getting out of breath. I was only 20 years old and participated in school sports only two years prior so I did not really have any excuses I could use as to why I was so unfit. I knew it would only get harder as the years go by so I knew I had to make a difference right there and then.

So now you know more about the way I see my scale. I'll go into more detail of some of the changes I have made in future posts. I want to try and keep these as short as possilbe so that they are not such a drab to read.

If you have any thoughts or questions on this subject please leave them in the comment section down below! I always love reading them!

I will see you all again on Friday with a new beauty related post...and since you did read this I might as well give you a little hint as to what it's about...you know since it is nearing the end of October... :)

See you soon
daisyperson xx

Friday, 10 October 2014

Products I Regret Buying - Lips and Bits

We have reached the end of the REGRET series. If you managed to read them all - you are awesome! Since I am a lipstick lover I saved the lipsticks for the finale of this series. So let's not waste any more time...here is a few quick reviews on the lip products and then a random anti-perspirant product I have bought and not enjoyed. Most were really cheap so luckily they didn't break the bank! Being a student and all I thought I'd help other girls out with some of my opinions, maybe you can save a buck or two. 

When you add them all together I could have saved R250. I could have bought a MAC lipstick instead and would have had a product I would have used instead of these collecting dust in my collection. 

POUT a highshine lipgloss from Woolworths in Naked R29.95

This lipgloss by Woolworths does give the shine it promises, but it's very sticky. My fellow long haired ladies will know how frustrating it is when it is windy and having your hair stuck on your mouth constantly. Other than that the glitter particles in it is really rough so it feels a bit like a lip scrub at times. The packaging is fine, nothing too special but nothing off putting either. Mine has gotten a bit cloudy though since it's been in my closet for quite a while now so please excuse that! I got rid of it right after taking the photos. It also smelled of cotton candy which was awesome! They should really consider putting expiry dates on makeup, but at least our common sense and sense of smell to help us out!

Due to the stickiness and rough glitter particles I would not recommend it. It is an uncomfortable lipgloss to wear.

Woolworths pout lipgloss

Essence Lipsticks in 52 in the nude and 53 all about cupcake R38.95

As you can see this is still the old range. They have brought out a newer lipstick line with better packaging and claims to longer wear. The new lipsticks are being sold for about R45. I have not yet tried them out but almost bought them on several occasions lately but then decided on purchasing other products instead before I got to the till. 

I was not the biggest fan of the old lines packaging (featured in the picture down below) and the formula was a big let down. It's more like a tinted lip balm than a lipstick and lasts about an hour if you are lucky. For that reason I think it might be a good lipstick for teens who want to start experimenting with wearing colour on their lips, but do not feel completely comfortable with lipstick just yet. Personally I feel a bit embarrassed to take out this lipstick in pubic because the packaging makes it look like a toy lipstick in a way but that might just be because I really appreciate nice packaging.

53 all about cupcake (lipstick on the left) is a beautiful pink which I love but the staying power is just so poor it is not worth it. 52 in the nude is terrible however. Absolutely no pigmentation, I had to swatch it multiple times to get enough colour for it to show on camera. Never buy this one. I did not see it on their website so I think they may have discontinued the nude one. I am tempted to try the new ones with the new packaging but I am kind of afraid that it is still the same formula just in better looking tubes. So if you have tried them please let me know down below! I would love to hear your opinion on them! I don't know about you guys but once a product let me down I am very reluctant to spend any more money on similar products by that brand.

Essence lipstick 53 all about cupcake 52 in the nude

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick R145

I have featured this lipstick before in a first impressions post. I wasn't too impressed back then and after trying it again a few more times I just know that I really do not like this lipstick, at all. The consistency is just too weird. It feels really thick and sticky on the lips, almost like plastic. If that is not enough reason to never reach for this lipstick it also dries the lips and rubs off throughout the day until it looks really weird with product accumulated between your lips. Definitely not one to repurchase in the future.

Garnier Mineral Ultra Dry antiperspirant R12.95

This deodorant promises 48 hours of non stop protection. I disagree. On a day when I was not even active, I literally just sat in an airconditioned class all day, I felt extremely uncomfortably wet in my pits and the good old BO found it's way through this "protection". So I would not even want to know what would happen if someone actually tried living with only this for 48 hours. Not only because it would be disgusting to skip showers but also because I really did not feel ultra dry for even an hour! Can't even imagine being active in this!

Please leave comments on what you guys thought of these products! Have you had better experiences? I would love to know what you think of the new Essence lipsticks!

I hope you had a lovely week!
daisyperson xx

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Monday, 6 October 2014

The best drugstore nail polish?

Yes you have read it right. I think I just might have found the best drugstore nail polish in my opinion. This is quite a big statement. It actually makes me a bit nervous just thinking about it! 

As you guys might know I am not the world's most patient nail polish applier. Since it takes quite a bit of effort for me to not ruin a manicure while it is still drying it drives me nuts if a manicure chips after one or two days. At first it even got to me when a polish started chipping after three days, but soon I learned that pretty much all nail polishes starts chipping around day three or four so I started living with that and then just filling up the chips so that it does not look too terrible from far away. 

Anyway let's get back to the whole reason I am writing this blog post. Normally I only post on Fridays, but I was so impressed that I did not want to wait before posting this review. I still need to finish the REGRET series and there are some other planned posts so this would only go up in a months time then. I'm currently writing finals so I actually wrote the REGRET series posts like two months ago so that I won't be spending too much time blogging when I should be studying...you guys can probably tell how that is going...but come on once you are used to writing down your thoughts on products it is difficult not to!

Let me just get my scatter brain together. In South Africa we have a brand Yardley, I did a review on some of their lipsticks before, but I am not sure whether these products are available in other countries. I saw on the Boots website that they only sell the fragrances and creams over there. In South Africa they have a whole makeup line with some decent products for great prices. It is here that I have found one of the best drugstore nail polishes I have ever used. At the time of purchase it was round about R50 for a whole 15ml. Catrice nail polishes that is quite big compared to most nail polish pots holds 10ml.

Why do I love it so much? This polish had almost no chips until day six of wearing it. Yes ladies, you read that right, it lasted six days for me! Usually my polish has only three good days and then I need to repaint etc. It did chip on the edge of both my pointer fingers around day five but it was minor chips so I just filled it in and continued to enjoy my nails. It is now the end of day six and currently only my one ring finger and one middle finger has a chip at the edge. The pointer fingers still look good after their touch up.

Other than that it is a dream to apply due to its broad brush, their formulas are usually quite opaque and it dried within a minute. This particular polish has a very strange opacity. After one layer it looks like a hot pink and then with the second layer it turns into a cherry red. Personally I like the colour. It is brighter than I normally wear but I'm enjoying it now with our warmer days.

I have another colour, Americano, that is a more neutral toned nail polish and I wore that one almost every single day last year but since it is almost two years old it is starting to get a bit sticky.

I really hope this is available outside of the South African borders as well! If it is be sure to give it a try.

Hope the week isn't too hard on you!
daisyperson xx

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