Tuesday, 3 March 2015

MOTD - My Everyday Makeup Look

As you probably already know I usually post a health and fitness related post on a Tuesday, but today I am more in the mood to talk about makeup and I am sure most of you prefer makeup in anyway. Much less work, sweat and pain! So today I will be sharing my MOTD on a day-to-day basis. I usually switch out the lipstick daily and sometimes I add some blush but I haven't been wearing much blush lately.

1. Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush - I prefer using this brush to apply my bronzer and do a little bit of contouring with. It is the perfect size for the hollows of my cheeks and I generally just love wooden finishes so I think it is beautiful.

2. Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara - this is one of my most recent purchases. I haven't formed an opinion on this one yet so expect a full review in the future, but it is supposed to be a volumising mascara.

3. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer - one of the best concealers at the drugstore for an absolute bargain. A must have! Read some more on this product HERE.

4. Essence Eye Brow Stylist Set - I use this eye brow set almost daily. It is super easy to use and makes a big difference to my eye brows. Have you read my eye brow blog post yet? I posted it ages ago so you should check it out! Click HERE for it.

5. Wet 'n Wild Megalast Lip Colour in Just Peachy - as I have mentioned above I switch out my lipstick on a daily basis. I do love this lipstick and it is the perfect shade for the nice summery weather. Review here keep in mind it was one of my first posts so it is a little bit rocky.

6. Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil - another product I have reviewed a very long time ago. I have been using these eyeliners in my waterline for ages and still love them. Definitely one of my Essence favourites! 

7. L.A. Girl Pressed Powder in Toasted Almond - since I have yet to find a L.A. Girl cosmetics product that I didn't like I wanted to try some more products. I decided to try their pressed powder as a bronzer and I love it!

So that is all of the products I currently reach for and always end up in my makeup bag when I take one. Which of these have you used? Let me know in the comment section and leave links to your blogs, I love supporting and getting to know you guys!

Hope your week isn't as hot as it is here! 40 degrees celcius really isn't much fun!
daisyperson xx

Friday, 27 February 2015

Brand Focus: Hean Cosmetics

hean review

The end of February is actually here, unbelievable! I have a super exciting review for you today. You might remember the There's A New Guy On The Block post I did back in January. Basically I posted some information on a Polish cosmetics brand that hit the South African shores late January. Gael from Glamore Cosmetics (the company importing cruelty free Hean Cosmetics as well as other brands such as Omega) was kind enough to send me five products to try after she saw my post. I have been trying these products out for about two weeks now and I am so excited to share it with you guys!

hean nail polish

The I Love Hean nail polishes immediately caught my attention. Don't ask me why but I have always been inherently drawn to sparkly things. These cute pocket sized nail polishes are available at R50 for 6 ml. I got the colours 844 Star Whisper a silver glitter nail polish and 851 Jeans a navy blue glitter polish. This is probably one of the most streak free nail polishes I have ever tried. Which surprised me as glitter nail polishes tend to apply streaky. Both polishes contains extremely fine glitter particles resulting in a beautifully dense glitter polish. It is truly gorgeous. 844 Star Whisper was easy to apply, streak free, has a high shine finish and was completely opaque in one coat

851 Jeans is a more subtle glitter polish. It is not as sparkly as the above mentioned polish and dries down to a sand effect. So the surface feels quite grainy and rough. I know all the different nail polish effects are quite big these days with the nail art craze so I am sure that you will love it if you are into that. Personally I prefer a high shine polish like the silver one. As with the silver polish it applies streak free. Applying a few layers of top coat on this polish creates a more shiny illusion and made it more bearable for me personally. 

Overall I give this product a thumbs up. And I guess it's safe to say that the I Love Hean nail polish name became a reality for me.

hean studio lift foundation

This is a tester of the Hean Studio Lift Foundation. Before going into the review I'd like to tell you a funny story. When the products arrived on my doorstep I was so excited that I immediately started putting on the lip gloss and nail polishes. I couldn't wait to get a feel for the products. So I took off the pink lip gloss and put on this nude "lip gloss" and it was the oddest thing. You probably often hear of people complaining that nude lip glosses end up looking like concealed lips and I was shocked because it looked pretty horrid. Long story short I finally realised that it was actually a foundation tester I was applying like a lip gloss! Ultimate fail Janneke, ultimate fail!

So I finally managed to apply it on my skin like a normal person and I must admit it works much better as a foundation (obviously). This light to medium coverage foundation felt great on my skin. It didn't feel like my pores were being smothered or like I was wearing a mask. It was very easy to apply and blend using only my fingers. My skin is doing pretty well right now so there wasn't that much to cover but I did think that it did a good job at evening out my skin tone. At the end of a long hot day it also stayed in place so I was really impressed and it definitely exceeded my expectations.

One of the big advantageous for me was that the Hean Studio Lift Foundation has a SPF of 10. We live in such a hot country that going out in the sun without any sun protection is a little stupid. The product also contains hyoluronan and Tens'up active ingredients that supposedly stretches the skin and smooths out wrinkles. I can't account for this statement as I don't really have wrinkles to judge it by, but if you are looking for something with anti-aging effects you should maybe give this one a try and let us know what you thought of it.

Overall I give this foundation a big thumbs up! A foundation feeling as good as a BB cream on the skin is a must have in my books.

hean lip gloss

The Hean Pearl and Mineral Lip Gloss tester exceeded all of my expectations. I expected for it to be a sticky lip gloss that lasts about two hours - that is the case with most lip glosses I have tried and also the reason I prefer lipstick. This Pearl and Mineral Lip Gloss was honestly hands down one of the best lip glosses I have ever used. The three things they promise with this lip gloss is moisturisation, soothing of the lips and longer lasting colour. I am happy to report that this is exactly what you get. The pigmentation of this product is phenomenal. It is not sticky at all. It has a nice thick consistency without feeling like gloop on your lips. 

hean lip gloss

Furthermore it actually stains your lips. I once put it on two hours before bed and woke up the next morning with a gorgeous pink stain on my lips. It's just perfect. I got the tester in number 152 a gorgeous fuschia pink. Not a colour I would wear on a daily basis but it is always fun to wear on a night out. As you will see on their website they have some beautiful nudes and pinks available as well. This lip gloss is available at R80 for a full size.

hean eye shadow trio

Finally I had the opportunity to try the Hean Colour Stay On Eye Shadow in 607. This trio consists of three velvety eye shadows - a light baby pink, a darker rose pink and a purple. I think it would look really pretty for spring or summer. You can see me wearing this eye shadow trio in the picture down below. I used mostly the purple and the lighter pink. 

hean eye shadow trio

The pigmentation varied in the trio. The lightest pink had average pigmentation while the purple and darker rose pink had much better pigmentation. It wasn't the world's easiest eye shadow to blend but I didn't find it to be patchy. It lasted all day and surprisingly enough it did not accumulate in my eyelid creases - something I always struggle with in eye shadows. I think it is because the consistency of these eye shadows has more of a powdery feel to it rather than being creamy. You can purchase the eye shadow trios for R110. Swatches down below.

hean eye shadow trio

Overall I enjoyed all of these products my favourite being the lip gloss and my least favourite being the navy polish, but that is just because I prefer a shine finish to a sand effect. Big thumbs up from my side to you Hean and Glamore Cosmetics! 

Which one of these are your favourite? Let me know down below and as always remember to leave your links so I can go stalk your blogs :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
daisyperson xx

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Dealing With A Depressed Mood

As a disclaimer before anyone reads this post...I am not saying that I had major depressive mood disorder or that I am in any way qualified to give counseling or advice regarding depression what so ever. This post is just me talking about a journey over the last four years where I went through a time where I had to deal with a depressed mood. A depressed mood is not necessarily major depressive disorder. So my experience will not necessarily be the same as yours or someone you know. This is just me sharing a piece of myself that I have shared with few of my friends before. My hope is that perhaps somewhere in this big wide world my story might be a light for one of you guys.

I have never really been someone who struggled with a depressed mood, I had a pretty happy childhood and usually managed to achieve whatever I set my mind to. That all changed when I started university. The big old change of Uni is hard enough on everyone and to make matters worse my then boyfriend of 25 months and the first guy I ever loved left me during one of the most challenging times of my life. 

Without realising it I went down a spiral that slowly took me to a darker place. I started to become lonely and make myself lonely by avoiding new relationships whether it be romantic or friendships. I started struggling in school, picking up weight and never really participating in any societies or social events. Somehow I never considered what the possible cause for this change in basically my personality was. I wasn't the happy carefree girl I used to be anymore and thoughts of being worthless haunted me on a daily basis.

It is now four years later. At the end of last year I started facing my demons. We had this class in which they basically forced us to do some introspection. I thought it was so stupid but now I am pretty grateful for it. Basically I started thinking about where the root of my worthlessness started. What made me believe I wasn't good enough, pretty enough, fit enough, clever enough you know all of that. What basically destroyed my confidence? Shortly after that I was in a social situation where my ex boyfriend was and somehow the lights finally went on and I realised that I have never forgiven myself. For some reason I have been blaming myself for our break up. Believing that I was the reason for it, I wasn't good enough for him, I was not enough. And I finally realised how stupid this was. Letting a silly boy ruin my self worth. Allowing for it to have a grip on my life even after four years have passed.

I guess this realisation gave me the chance to forgive myself and re-establish my self worth. You cannot invest all of yourself in a relationship because just like me you will end up losing yourself when you lose that person. You need to establish your worth in something greater than a human being as we all screw up. Because I am a Christian I believe that the greatest rock to ground yourself in is God, but even that is challenging at times.

Luckily now that I am working on my confidence and self worth I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I feel free. And most importantly I feel happy. I am not saying the sadness doesn't creep though from time to time, but it rarely happens these days. I also realise that emotional baggage is part of life. Very few of us never get sad or feel depressed, but just realise that you are not alone. Maybe try by thinking about it so you can identify the root of your sadness. Be patient figuring it all out can take weeks like it did in my case. I truly hope that it will be something that you can work on and that perhaps somehow you can also work your way to a place where you can find happiness. 

If you are going through similar experiences I really hope you can also find your happiness again. Fight for it, it is worth it and YOU are worth it!

Love you guys to bits!
daisyperson xx

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Beauty Battles - The Concealer Showdown

After using both the Almay Wake Up and Essence Stay All Day concealers over the last couple of months I knew it was time that these two had a Beauty Battles show down! I am sure most of you are familiar with both of these brands. Almay is probably best known for making hypoallergenic makeup products whilst Essence are known for the affordability of the makeup they offer. 

The greatest thing these two products have in common is that neither of them test on animals. They both offer light coverage, in all honestly I think they are fine for dark circles to an extent, but you won't be camouflaging any pimples with either product. The Almay Wake Up concealer is slightly more yellow undertoned than the Essence Stay All Day concealer. Furthermore these two offer a shocking total of five available shades between them. Almay has three shades available: light, light medium and medium and Essence has a whopping two available shades: natural beige and soft beige. No shades are available for deeper skin. Which actually makes me realise that I never see concealers for dark skin? Do you girls just have amazing skin and do not need to cover up or is there just a lack of products available?

Let's take a closer look at the individual concealers.

Almay Wake Up concealer in 010 Light

This is the lightest colour available in this concealer and retails around R130 for 6.5ml. It comes with a soft tube that you can squash to push out product and then a brush tip and a clear cap. I am not too fond of brush tips. I find pushing out product quite difficult, controlling the amount you push out is practically impossible. Some days I have too little some days I have so much product that I actually have to cover my entire cheek and up to my eyebrows. As you can imagine brush tips can be quite unhygienic. I have a rule to only apply makeup on a clean face so I hope that that is good enough to minimize bacterial contamination. I haven't had any related break outs yet (touch wood) so I think I am good. The one thing that I also do not like about the Almay Wake Up concealer is the clear cap. Although this is not a deal breaker it looked messy right from the very first use. No matter how hard you try you will get product ending up on the inside of the cap.

For a concealer that is made specifically as an under eye concealer I think the coverage of dark circles is pretty average. I do still see some of the blue peeking through and it does oxidize throughout the day so at the end of the day your eyes look a bit patchy. Other than that it blends quite well and feels nice and light on the skin. It covers redness poorly so I wouldn't recommend this for covering blemishes. If you are looking for something lightweight to just illuminate your under eye area I recommend this.

Essence Stay All Day 16 hour concealer in 01 Natural Beige

This concealer retails around R46 for 7ml of product. Less than half of the Almay concealers price! It comes with a clear hard plastic tube and a doe foot applicator. Hygienically I think the doe foot applicator is pretty much the same as the brush applicator. I prefer the hard plastic tube as I feel that you have more control over the amount of product you use. It also looks a lot less messy as it does not get the cap dirty as the Almay concealer does.

It also offers light coverage. I think that the Essence concealer covers dark circles slightly better than the Almay one. It obviously doesn't offer full coverage as I can still see the evidence of a lack of sleep peeking through. The Essence concealer also oxidizes throughout the day leaving you looking pretty unconcealed after a few hours. As with the Almay concealer I do not feel that this concealer offers enough coverage to camouflage blemishes.

The verdict?

I find the results of these two products to be very similar. So why would you spend more than double the money on a product that offers the same maybe even less performance? I think you all can tell that the clear winner of my Beauty Battle Show Down is the Essence Stay All Day long-lasting concealer.

Have you tried these concealers? What is your current favourite drugstore concealer? Let me know in the comment section and leave links to your blogs so I can go stalk you all!

Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate each and everyone of you!
daisperson xx

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PS I just saw the terrible spelling mistake in the title :( I hate when things aren't perfect but I have already deleted this photo from my laptop so I can't really change it. Hope you missed it :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Low Carb Dieting: Week 4-6

low carb dieting

Three weeks of dieting has passed since my last update - shocking! I am going to keep this post short and sweet as updating you on every single up and down of the last three weeks of dieting will be just plain boring!

As with any diet there has been good days and some really bad days. I have cheated and I blame this on stress. Unfortunately for my hips I am one of those awful stress eaters. I am also a bored eater so whenever I need to study I try and kill time by looking for things to eat. Bad habit I know! Believe me I am working on this! If you have any tips on this habit of mine please let me know in the comments!

As for meals I have realised that I have become increasingly lazy to prepare interesting low carb meals. I think the major mistake is that I stopped putting lots of effort into my salads so they have become more and more boring resulting in me eating less and less salad. I did have an amazing quinoa salad at a restaurant in week 4. I'll insert the picture I posted on my Instagram. It was absolutely delicious and left me feeling great both physically and mentally.

Overall I have been feeling good. I feel less stuffy, bloated and generally happier after dinner since I do not overeat. I also think that my tummy is slightly flatter. I can't however say whether this is 100% true as I didn't take measurements before I started this diet. I literally didn't even get on the scale because although I talk about it on here as a diet it mostly is an attempt to make it a lifestyle. For it to become a lifestyle I need to do it for long enough and not fret too much about the numbers. Not losing weight according to a scale has the ability to drive me nuts!

So yes generally it has been going okay. Hopefully I can clear up my act and stick to a clean diet sooner than later! How are your week going so far? Did anyone go watch 50 Shades of Grey? Let me know I love hearing from you guys and talking to you all!

Good luck with the week ahead!
daisyperson xx