Saturday, 18 April 2015

Rubybox Unboxing Round 2

As you may remember I recently purchased and reviewed the Rubybox Mystery Mix box which is the cheapest box that they release on special occasions. You might remember that I wasn't too impressed with the products that I received. I was very excited but also a little anxious when I was sent the Rubybox Surprise Box for review since the first box I purchased was a bit of a dud. With the Surprise Box you pay R169 (including shipping) for around R250 worth of trial and full sized products tailored around your online beauty profile. It can include makeup, skincare, hair care products etc. As I have mentioned before from what I have seen it seems like beauty subscription boxes mainly fill their boxes with soaps, hand creams and samples - things I would rather purchase myself. I am happy to report that this was not the case with this box! Keep on reading if you are curious to see what I thought of my box!

As with the Mystery Mix box I really like their packaging. It is very classy and simple. This one is clearly more luxurious with a beautiful pink outer casing with silver print on it. This box is filled with raffia as well as tissue paper which immediately makes the entire presentation more pleasant once opened compared to the Mystery Mix box.

After quickly scanning the contents of my box I immediately knew that this was a box I was going to like. The first product I picked up was this organic Natural Lab face cream. I prefer receiving face creams over hand creams as I tend to use these more often. Two things I love about this product is that it has an SPF of 30 and it is pigmented. If you have followed my blog for a while now you will know I try to wear SPF daily to prevent aging and hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. The pigmentation also evens out skin tone. So far I am very impressed and luckily it matches my skin tone perfectly. It is a rather oily product so I would recommend this for dry skin. If you have oily skin you definitely won't like it. I never struggle with products being too shiny on my skin, but with this one I had to use lots of powder to control the shine.

Next I received a decent sized sample of the Africology Body Butter. This brand is made in South Africa and I have heard lots of amazing things about them so I am very excited to give this product a try. This is a really nice, rich and thick body butter that you have to work into your skin. I love body butters as they are always extra moisturizing. This little pot has come just in time for winter! Going to try to save it for those extra cold and dry months! You can purchase the full size here for R280. It has an interesting scent but feels amazingly nourishing on my skin.

Lately in South Africa there has permanently been some Mavala sales assistents in every single drugstore looking at your nails and suggesting treatments. As a student I generally don't have money left at the end of the month to really afford nail treatments. I am therefore so excited to try one of the Mavala products as I have been eyeing these for ages. I hate pushing back my cuticles as I am very afraid of damaging my matrix so this will hopefully make my cuticles nice and soft. Looking forward to trying it.

Finally I picked up this beautiful little black box that fits perfectly into the Rubybox. As makeup lovers we all share a great love for makeup brushes. Receiving one from Rubybox has literally made my week. First of all it looks gorgeous. I love the simple black handle and the three tone bristles. This synthetic foundation brush is also wonderfully soft. I literally cannot stop stroking this brush against my cheek as I sit here typing this.

I usually apply my foundation and BB cream with either my hands or a beauty sponge so I am excited to add this beaut to my brush collection. This brush has made applying my BB cream quick, easy and a lot less messy. The tapered end makes it easy to reach all of the nooks and crannies. I also found that it didn't soak up a lot of the product and I ended up using about as much as I do when using my fingers for application. Since I haven't used or washed this brush I cannot comment on hair fallout. You can purchase one for yourself for R150 here.

I wasn't expecting to be as impressed by this box as I was. I find it slightly frustrating as I was previously set on the fact that beauty subscription boxes just wasn't worth it and was not for me, but all I want to do now is purchase some more. For future reference I would suggest avoiding the Mystery Mix specials Rubybox run from time to time. Rather spend your money on the Surprise Box (this one) or their Build-a-Box option. I will probably try the latter next time.

What is your thoughts on this box? Which one of the products would you want to try and what was the weirdest product that you have ever received? One of my blogging friends, Rayne, once received rice cakes in a beauty subscription box! Let me know in the comment section and don't forget to add the links to your blogs so I can go read them too!

daisyperson xx 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Birthday Wishlist

Everyone loves birthdays. As a kid I was lucky enough that my mom ensured that my birthday was the best day of the year. Getting older you soon realise that having parties and feeling as special as you did when you were little just does not happen anymore.

I am turning 23 on Friday, not planning a party but I'll probably meet a few friends for drinks. Both my sisters will be moving that weekend and my parents will be helping them. That means that most of my family will actually be really busy and occupied this weekend. I have grown up enough to know that parties is not as important and gifts are just that a GIFT and therefore not something we can claim or deserve. I hate reading birthday wishlists with countless extremely expensive and ridiculous products on them, but at the same time I love knowing what other people really want. Usually my family would ask me if there is specific things I want. They haven't asked yet, but if they were to ask I have decided that I won't be giving out a list as I'd rather get something from their heart.  

So here I have put together a little list of things I would have bought myself on my birthday. Things I would love to own, but can also live without. I hope you enjoy this "wishlist" that I have compiled.

1. I think the L'Oreal Collection Exclusive lipsticks are just so gorgeous. I love the packaging and all of the shades look magnificent especially Eva. However I don't wear reds much so I would love to own any nude or pink L'Oréal lipstick.

2. I love this snood they have at Woolworths right now. I like the cosy look snoods have and this one is particularly soft. You can purchase it here for R180. I also think the black and white will easily suit whatever you wear with it.

3. South African Dischems' did not know what hit them when they released the L.A. Girl Beauty Bricks during their Beauty Fair last month. All of these palettes quickly sold out since they only had four available at each store. I would so love to own this palette in Nude, but wasn't lucky enough to get my hands on it. It is thus impossible for me to get this palette, but nonetheless something I would love to own. I have confirmed that it will be available again in August.

4. Lately I have been loving very finely detailed sterling silver rings. I especially love the ones they have available at Lovisa. I always go in there and want to buy all of it. I got one for Christmas and have been wearing it non stop ever since. Will love to add some variety to my collection.

5. I could use some new running shoes and the mint green Nike ones are just too beautiful to ignore. I know I am not getting this as I didn't even mention that I would like some new running shoes but I put it on here as it is something I will always lust after. 

6. The Morgan Taylor nail polishes look and sound amazing. I always browse the display when I walk through Dischems beauty isles. If someone happened to give me one of the Morgan Taylor nail polishes I definitely would not object although I don't even know which one I'd want. Birthday Suit looks like a really nice nude though!

7. Maybellines' Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencils have made quite the impact on countless blogs. I have yet to read a negative review on these gorgeous lip pencils and would therefore love to try it. I would love to try the nude and pink ones, but I won't discriminate and would honestly want to try them all!

8. With winter lurking around the corner I would love some long tights for gym. I always wear the three quarter ones and they are perfect even in winter as I tend to get really warm at gym. I would like to try some long ones especially for running outside. Not sure they would look great with my body type though. 

So there you have it. My little list of eight things I would have bought myself for my Birthday if I wasn't living on a student allowance. Which of these would you also want? Let me know and remember to link your blogs so I can go stalk you!

I hope you have a lovely sunny week ahead!
daisyperson xx

Friday, 10 April 2015

Essence I ♥ Trends - The Nudes

essence the nudes nail polish

There is something irresistible about nude products to me. Whether it be an eye shadow, lipstick or nail polish - if it's nude I want it. When I saw the new Essence I ♥ Trends nail polishes in various nude shades I wanted to buy all eight of them. However Essence nail polish never seem to last on my nails so I decided to keep it to a single one to see if I had better luck this time around.

I picked up 02 Nude It as I love the lighter pastel shades lately. In the light the nail polish seems to have a very fine metallic sheen to it which is only visible in the bottle. I was actually relieved to see that the shimmer isn't visible on your nails. I love when nail polishes have nice fat flat brushes as this ensures quick and easy application. The brush on this polish is slightly thinner, but application is still easy enough. It applies streaky with the first coat but is completely opaque with the second coat. The more product you load onto your brush the easier it is to get an opaque finish. Drying time for me was about 3-5 minutes which might be a bit long for someone in a hurry, but it didn't bother me as I was catching up on my YouTube subscriptions whilst waiting for it to dry. I love the shade. It is such an easy shade to pull off and I can imagine it looking stunning on both pale and deep skins. Its a very suitable shade for both casual events, but still looks professional enough to pull it off at work.

essence the nudes nail polish

Unfortunately this didn't last any longer than my other Essence nail polishes even when using a base and top coat. There was significant chipping within a day. I tried to extend the wear by topping up the chips with polish but I had to remove it within three days due to irreparable chipping. I think I might have some really oily nails since polishes really struggle to last on my nails. I love nude nail polishes, I love the available shades and the price is unbeatable considering you get 8 ml for only R35. However I just can't deal with the poor staying power of Essence polishes.

Due to the remarkable chipping I will most probably not be purchasing any of the other shades. They do have a wide variety available so if you are in the market for a new nude definitely check it out and give it a try. I am sure every single person will find something that suits them.

Which of the Nude Trend products should I try next? The eye shadows, lipsticks or lip glosses? Definitely want to try the All About Chocolate eye shadow palette! 

Don't forget to leave links to your blogs!
daisyperson xx

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Falling in love...LA Girl

LA girl ultra palette review

As you probably know I did a review on the L.A. Girl ULTRA palette not too long ago. My verdict was that it is a bargain (I paid R50 for a 12 pod palette) with a wide variety of shades that is nice and soft, but felt that it lacked pigmentation. Shireen from Reflections of Sanity commented and suggested that I try swirling off the top layer as she often found that this improved the pigmentation of palettes.

So I did this and ever since I have just fallen more and more in love with this palette. It is not as everyday friendly as I assume the nudes one is. The looks I create with it tends to end up pretty dark, but the pigmentation is so much better now and the lasting power is phenomenal. It does start looking slightly more messy, but only after about 8 hours of wear and not to the extent that you need to take it off. It just end up being less crisp.

LA girl ultra palette

To create this look I used numbers 1, 4, 11 and 12. I actually didn't experience any fall out even though I really stacked the product onto my brushes. Blending it out was easy and the palette was very buildable. I used #4 over my entire lid and #11 through my crease to about two thirds to my inner corner of my eye. To intensify the look I added #12 from the outer corner of my crease to just about half way through my crease and I also dabbed some of it on the outer corner of my eyelid. I then blended the look using #1 on my brow bone and also adding a bit of #1 at the inner corners of my eye. I didn't use any eye shadow primers so that you get an idea of exactly how the shadows look on the eyes.

LA girl ultra palette

The only thing that I am not too fond of is how shimmery it is. Especially for the brow colour I found myself wiping the eye shadow on my brow bone off after I finished blending the crease colour in with number 1. It has such a metallic sheen that I thought it was a little bit overwhelming if you are more into subtle makeup looks.

Overall I have totally fallen for this palette. This just made me even more bummed now that I know I have missed out on the nudes one. I have contacted Dischem and they confirmed that these palettes will only be available again in August during their Beauty Fair. With how time flies at least it will be August soonish...right?

Do you own this palette? Do you like it? I know it's been out overseas for ages, but it only came to South Africa recently. Another favourite from L.A. Girl! Let me know what your favourite bargain eye shadow palettes is in the comment section and don't forget your links to your blogs!

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Makeup Must-Haves

march favorites 2015

I have never written a monthly favourites before. The main reason is that I have the basic products I use daily and then I tend to reach for a wide variety of  lip products or blushes to complete my look. This month however there was a few products that really stood out that I kept going back to. A few of them are products I purchased in February and the rest is old ones that I haven't used in ages.

rimmel caramel cupcake

First up is my Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish in 500 Caramel Cupcake. My sister gave me this on my 21st birthday. She made a cute pack with a bunch of things that reminded her of me. Initially I didn't like this nail polish very much. It was almost too close to my skin tone. Lately I have been applying two coats instead of one resulting in a slightly darker nude that now works perfectly with my skin. I have been using this nail polish loads in March as well as during February. As you can see in the photo I have already finished over half of the product!

revlon juicy papaya

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 027 Juicy Papaya. For a long time this was one of my favourite lip products. I could not get enough of it during the first few months of 2014. During and after winter however I never went back to wearing it as religiously as before. I rediscovered it in March and fell right back in love with it. This is just the perfect spring and summer lip colour. I would recommend it a hundred times over again. I have done a full review with lip swatches here.

essence blush

You guys know I love Essence products. I recently received the Silky Touch Blush in 60 Life's a Cherry. It is a gorgeous deep pink shade with intense pigmentation. It is very blendable, but be careful to not have a hefty hand when applying this blush. Instead of sweeping it onto your cheeks rather tap it on with your brush and don't load your brush with product! Full review of a different shade here.

rimmel nail nurse

The Rimmel Nail Nurse Base & Top Coat was a recent spur-of-the-moment purchase. It is only R55 and it absolutely changed my nail polish related life. It works great to increase the longevity of manicures, but I love it so much that I want to dedicate an entire post to it in the near future so be on the lookout for that!

l.a. girl beauty brick ultra

Finally I have the L.A. Girl Beauty Brick in Ultra. You have probably seen the review I have done on it already. I have fallen even more in love with this palette. I think the more you use it the more you love it. I was especially happy with it when I had to create a very dark witch look for a dress up recently (photos of the look on Instagram). The blacks and purples worked perfectly for the look I had in mind.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites post. Should I do more posts like this in the future? Let me know in the comment section what your number one product in March was! And don't forget to leave links to your blogs! I will only be posting one blog post this week as I will be away for the long weekend.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter!
daisyperson xx