Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Makeup Brush Must Haves + GIVEAWAY

Looking back to the days when I only started getting into makeup I literally only had one Essence powder brush that I used to powder, blush and bronze my face. After building up my makeup brush collection over the next couple of months I have found six must have makeup brushes that every beginner needs. The great thing about it is that it doesn't have to be expensive brushes. All of mine are cheap ones that I got from the drugstore and so far I have not had any problems with them. Please remember when reading this post that I am mostly focusing on the type and shape of the brush and not so much the brand. 

1. Powder brush - Personally I am not a big foundation wearer and so I rarely put on any powder. I adore my CALA deluxe powder brush so much that I couldn't not include it. If you do wear foundation then a nice powder brush is definitely a necessity. They are big, fluffy and so soft. I sometimes put on powder just to have an excuse to swipe the soft bristles of this brush over my face. 

2. Fluffy blender brush - I use the CALA 311 angled eyeshadow brush to blend the crease eyeshadow on my brow bone with a highlight shadow. It picks up product easily and because it is nice and fluffy it quickly blends out any harsh crease lines. It would work great to blend colours into the crease as well. The Essence blender brush works really well for the same purpose and is just as affordable. This brush has made the biggest difference to my eyeshadow looks. Blending is such an important step that is impossible if you are a beginner and do not own any brushes to blend with. Definitely a must have!

3. Crease brush - I have two brushes that I use in my crease. I have the fluffy medium size eyeshadow blender and then a round shadow brush. The blender brush is perfect to blend a darker eyeshadow into the crease. At the same time it blends the shadow so you get a well rounded off look. The round shadow brush is really nice to concentrate a colour into the crease if you want to intensify the look a bit. Both work really well to get a defined outer V-area. 

4. Flat eye shadow brush - You need a flat eyeshadow brush to pack eyeshadow onto the mobile eyelid. You could get away with using your fingers for this task, but generally I prefer using this brush as it makes it quick, easy and definitely less messy. I got mine in a Woolworth's QVS travel kit. Technically it is a small concealer brush but I prefer using it to apply eye shadow. The Essence sponge applicator is nice and big and also works really well to quickly add a wash of colour over the entire lid. 

5. Angled face brush - I love using angled face brushes to apply bronzer just below my cheekbone. I don't contour my face intensely so this brush is great to add a bronze glow around the outskirts of your face. It is nice and small so you can concentrate your bronzer to the specific areas where you want to apply it. If your bronzing brush is too big you can easily end up looking a bit weird. I use my Essence blush brush or my Barbara Hofmann blush brush as an angled face brush to apply bronzer.

6. Blush brush - I love using the Essence powder brush to apply blush. I think these medium dome shaped makeup brushes works really well to just give you a sweep of colour to rose up your cheeks. It is small enough to concentrate the blush onto your cheeks, but big enough to give a nice blurred blush effect. I have had mine for ages and it still looks and works perfectly.

All of the above mentioned brushes are amazing. They are beautifully soft and doesn't shed a single hair when I wash them. They are some of the cheapest brushes available and from personal experience I'd say you don't need fancy expensive ones. Maybe they won't last as long as the expensive brushes in the long run, but they do work and last excellently so far. I highly recommend each and every one of them.


Essence is giving one lucky reader a lovely brush and makeup applicator hamper. If you would like to win this hamper please follow the Rafflecopter instructions down below. 

Some rules:
  • Open to South African residents only
  • No giveaway accounts, entries from giveaway accounts will be disqualified
  • Competition will be running for two weeks from 21 May 2015 at 12h00 am (UTC+2) until 5 June 2015 12h00 am
  • If winner does not respond within one week of announcement a new winner will be selected
  • Your details will only be used to validate your entries and will not be sold to any third party
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a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you have any questions or queries please contact me through the comment section or on Twitter. What is your favourite makeup brush that you couldn't live without? Let me know down below! I hope you enjoy the very first blog giveaway!

daisyperson xx

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Losing Weight with Makeup

Like probably 60% of the female population I too want to lose a few kilograms. I have tried loads of different ways before and then I just gain it all back. Sometimes have been more successful than others. Lately I have noticed that I have no motivation to work hard toward the body that I want for myself. Which brings me to an important point, my goals will not be the same as yours and so I urge you not to compare us in any way. This is just a personal goal. I would love to be the fittest I have ever been in my twenties and that is why I try to lose weight and get fit.

Since I have been lacking motivation I got an idea that might help to keep me motivated. I figured makeup would probably be a good way to motivate me. The idea is to have two goals. One is going to be a very challenging goal, practically impossible, just to add a little bit of extra motivation. The second goal will be something that I will definitely be able to do with enough willpower. 

Goal number one: lose three kilograms in thirty days. I know it is not a healthy goal so I am not allowed to reach this goal by the means of unhealthy practices. I am not allowed to skip meals, purge, binge or any other unhealthy things you can think of. The only thing I will do is cut out chocolate and consume smaller portions as my portion sizes right now is basically the size of Texas and that is ridiculous.

Goal number two: not allowed to consume any form of chocolate, including chocolate flavoured products and things like cake and brownies, for the next 60 days. With willpower this one should be do-able. I am very curious to see what a difference not consuming chocolate will make to my weight.

The prize you might ask? I can buy some of the items in my beauty wishlist down below to the value of around R250. If they are sold out then it's too bad and I'll just find another product that I really want. All of the products are Hean products, that is just because there is a ton of their stuff that I want to try. In general I can't afford placing a big order and ordering one thing and paying for shipping makes the items a bit expensive and then I tend to rather buy drugstore products. So by doing it this way I can purchase a few things together so that I don't have to pay for shipping - LOL yes I am weird like that. So using this as a reward is a good way to motivate myself.

1. 5 HD Palette in Cafe Bar (R250); 2. Summer Collection Nail Polish in 234 (R55); 3. Summer Collection Nail Polish Poppy Paradise (R55); 4. Vitamin Cocktail lipstick in Papaya (R95); 5. Vitamin Cocktail Intense Lipsticks in Sugar Plum (R95); 6. Classic Collection Lipstick in Nude (R90); 7. Colour Stay On Shine Eyeshadow single in 513 (R85).

So that is my current action plan to live a bit healthier. I really hope it works and will keep you updated if I am failing or managing to give up chocolate! Which of the items in my wish list do you think I should get if I 'win'? Let me know down below! Remember to leave links to your blogs too!

daisyperson xx

Friday, 15 May 2015

Winter Essentials 2015

For this weeks post I have teamed up with the lovely Roxanna from the blog Kiss me by the Sea. Her love for the ocean is not only apparent in her blog name, but is also a theme that pops up throughout her blog. I really enjoy that her blog is more than just a beauty blog, I love that her passion for the ocean,  mermaids, people and films really comes through in each and every post. You can look forward to loads of favourite film focuses and beauty product reviews on her blog.

We decided that a seasonal essentials post is a must this time of the year with the major change of seasons, not only to cooler autumnal or warmer spring weather, but we are getting close to full blast winter and summer depending on the hemisphere in which you find yourself. Since Roxanna is from California she will be covering all the summer essentials you need. I will be covering my essentials for winter. It is finally cold enough that I am under a blanket, in fuzzy socks with some tea whilst writing this post. Although I prefer summer in general I am enjoying the weather right now. It's not piercing cold just yet, but it is cold enough that you can get away with wearing your favourite pair of boots. Without further ado and me going off topic as easily as I tend to here are some of my essentials for winter.

the body shop; africology

Winter is known to be that rascal that dries out skin. Patchy skin is definitely not very attractive so to combat this phenomenon I have two favourites that I will definitely be getting lots of use out of this winter. First up is my Africology Body Butter. This little pot came in my Rubybox in April. I have been saving this for winter, but so far I really like that you need to work this into the skin and it left my skin feeling beautifully soft and moisturized. It has a prominent aloe vera scent, but I kind of like that. My other body butter favourite is my Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter. Love the scent of this guy and as you all know these body butters sinks into the skin easily and leaves your skin noticeably softer and more moisturized.

winter lipsticks

Moving on to lips. Finally it is time to pull out the deeper shaded lipsticks. I haven't added any plums in this selection surprisingly but I tend to wear just slightly darker lipstick shades in winter than I normally would. My favourite being the Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss in 10 berry-light. It's incredibly moisturizing, pigmented with good lasting power. I love the shade of this lipstick too as it is a pretty berry shade, but still sheer enough that it is easy to pull off without looking gothic. 

You all know that Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate in 03 is my favourite nude lipstick. I added 07 to my collection and absolutely love it. It is a slightly darker nude than 03 and therefore in my opinion a great nude for winter if you are not up for the whole plum lip look. 

I love Wet 'n Wilds lipstick in Rosebud. Although I don't reach for this one frequently it is a shade I adore in winter. It is a beautiful warm pink that works with pretty much everyones skin tone. The pigmentation is phenomenal, it is affordable and lasts for ages. In general the Wet 'n Wild lipsticks are must haves and you really can't go wrong with any of the shades they have available. Please excuse the uneven swatches!

almay smart shade butter kiss berry light

hean velvet eyeshadow 009

I have been doing loads of nude everyday eyeshadow looks lately and I love it. Browns and golds suit winter perfectly. I have been loving my Hean Velvet Eyeshadow in 009 so much. I purchased it recently and cannot stop wearing it. It is a matt eye shadow that looks gorgeous in the crease and does wonders to add some warmth to your look. The pigmentation, price and lasting power is really good. 

essence silky touch blush review

The Essence Silky Touch Blush in Life's a Cherry is one of my recent favourites. I can literally not stop reaching for this beaut ever since it was sent to me. In winter I like to move away from the peach blushes and rather use pink ones as it gives you that natural cold flushed look. This blush is perfect to create that effect. They are very pigmented so use a light hand when applying. These blushes blend easily and are very buildable, but they do tend to fade after 3-4 hours so keep it close by so you can touch up throughout the day.

essence gel nail polish serendipity

My nail polish recommendations might not be as deep shades as most people prefer in winter. I do love maroons etc in winter but I have been loving the following two shades lately. First is my latest nail polish purchase, Essence Gel Nail Polish in Serendipity. I adore this shade! It is almost like a smokey grey lilac and in my opinion works for all the seasons of the year. It is a very unusual shade and for that reason one of my favourites in the Essence nail polish collection. I also love Maybellines ColorShow nail polish in Mauve Kiss. It is a beautiful mauve that as with Serendipity work with most seasons. The lasting power isn't as good as with Serendipity, but this is also a very affordable drugstore nail polish and in my opinion a great shade for winter.

I decided to add a few non beauty essentials as well. I have been loving these and it feels wrong not to share them with you. First of all everyone loves boots in winter. You can see my two favourite pairs of boots down below. They are both quite casual and generally very easy to throw on with almost any outfit. I purchased the lace up boot at Woolworths this year and the other one last year so unfortunately neither is available anymore, but you can find similar ones on  Spree or Zando's website.

boots 2015

I have not been able to live without my infinity scarves. I have two that looks a bit too similar and wanted to go exchange the one but then I lost my receipt. I still love both, they are very easy to pair with most outfits and very nice and warm. I purchased the one on the left at Poetry recently so it should still be available. The one on the right was given to me for my birthday and it is still available at Woolworths

infinity scarf

I picked up a pack of five assorted socks from Pick 'n Pay recently. They cost R65 a pack! Which is very cheap considering that's what you pay for one pair of socks at Woolies. I really think these are super cute and I needed some pretty socks to wear in case I need to take off my boots somewhere and it's just nice wearing pretty socks in general. I guess it's kind of the same as wearing pretty undies. One pair was in the wash when I took this photo, sorry!

Finally there is no better thing in this world than cuddling up in bed, with hot chocolate and a good book. Currently I am reading Bridge To Haven by Francine Rivers. I love all of Francine's books and would especially recommend Redeeming Love. Bridge to Haven is definitely a good one too, I can't put it down, but I don't love it as much as I loved Redeeming Love and the Mark of the Lion series.

bridge to haven francine rivers

So that is it. All of my winter must haves squashed into a single blog post. I hope you are still awake and that I didn't bore you to death because you need to head over to Kiss me by the Sea to be reminded of the wonderful world of warmer weather.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you love any of these products? Which products can you not go without in winter? Let me know in the comment section! Please leave links to your blogs so I can add them to my reading list!

I hope you are not as cold as my toes are tonight!
daisyperson xx

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wish List Wednesday: New Dress

For some reason wish lists and posts alike have made their way onto my blog numerous times this month. I figured I might as well start a "Wish List Wednesday" segment that I will post every once in a while. When I was asked by New Dress, a Chinese online store that sells affordable clothing and accessories, to write a wish list for them I couldn't resist. I've always wanted to try these kinds of websites as their clothes looks amazing for very cheap prices. When they allowed me to pick out a few things I knew this was a great opportunity to see if it is something I would try again in the future.

If you browse through their website you'll quickly realise that they have a ton of stuff for sale. It will probably take days to browse through it all. It was a daunting task to pick only a few items that I would wish to have. I have decided to focus my wish list on three categories. Sounds way more complicated than it is and I'm sure you'll quickly get what I mean when you look down below. This post will be featuring dresses and skirts, I hope you enjoy it.

The Summer Dresses

Barney Stinson definitely made the whole world aware of the powers a beautiful summer dress possess. I must agree, I think we'd all look drop dead gorgeous in these! I love stripes in summer and that's one of the main reasons I picked this striped strap summer dress. That and the fact that it looks very comfortable. I'd say this looks pretty much perfect for summer. I can imagine it looking great over a bathing suit next to the pool or going into town after a long day on the beach. This is available for $7,12|R85,90. 

The next dress is this chiffon shirt style dress. These dresses usually work well with my body type as I am a little bit busty. The V-neck does wonders to make them look a bit smaller. I love navy clothing and dresses with belts around the waist as they tend to be very flattering. For many reasons I feel like I need this dress in my life. This number retails for $7,57|R91,33.

The third vintage V-neck dress is one of my favourites. It's nice and loose, looks comforable and I love all things with a paisley-like print. Again a dress that would look beautiful over a bathing suit and it's ridiculously affordable retailing for $5,30|R63,94. A summer must have!

The Skirts

Moving on to the skirts I just couldn't get myself not to add this gorgeous blue gradient skirt. I am not sure if it would look as pretty in real life, but you all have to agree that that is one good looking maxi skirt right? The high waist does wonders to make her look nice and tall and it just looks so elegant. This dress is available for $13,55|R163,47 which is a little bit more expensive than most of the clothes I will be featuring, but I can imagine this being around R250 in the shops.

I picked this maroon skirt just because it looks so unique. The bow adds a beautiful feminine vintage touch. High waisted I think this would look beautiful and you would definitely not find someone with something similar to this. This dress is available for $6,88|R83,00.

The last black maxi skirt attracted me for many similar reasons as the gradient one. The fact that it makes her look tall and elegant, but at the same time very casual and unique. What makes it even better is that it is almost half the price of the gradient dress so you can pick this lovely number up for $6,88|R83,00.

The Dressy Dresses

Everyone loves dressing up and for the prices they sell these dresses you'd feel like getting dressed up every single day! The first dress is one of those dresses that I would love to be able to pull of, but it would probably never work on me. I love the big gray floral print on the white body con dress. I especially like that the floral print is secluded to a few specific areas leaving large white sections open. I think it is beautiful and the $7,99|R91,57 price tag makes it even more beautiful.

The next sleeveless white chiffon dress is another elegant number from New Dress. It is such a pity that they only sell these in white as they'd make perfect dresses to wear to a summer wedding. White however always looks good on everyone. I really love the cut of this dress and since it has the lovely V-neck it would hopefully work with the boobage as well! This dress is on sale for $6,17|R74,44.

As I have mentioned before I really like navy dresses so this flowy navy dress is stunning in my opinion. I like the strap detailing at the back. It is fine detail like that which really makes a dress unique. For the next 19 days it is on sale for $6,08|R73,35 so definitely go get one while you can get it for this amazing price!

That is it for my New Dress wish list. I am sure you guys can now understand how it was impossible limiting this wish list to a handful of items. Did any of these outfits catch your eye? Which one is your favourite? Let me know down below!

Don't forget to leave links to your blogs! I am constantly looking for new blogs to add to my reading list.
daisyperson xx

Friday, 8 May 2015

Essence Make Me Brow | Review

essence make me brow review

I have read my fair share of Benefit Gimme Brow reviews to know that it was a product that I have always wanted. The fact that Benefit isn't available in South Africa was a bit of a problem though. Slightly disappointed I just continued with my usual powder eyebrow routine. Don't get me wrong I do love this routine, I was just seeking a little bit of variation in my daily routine.

Whilst doing my weekly post gym walk through Dischem (one of our biggest pharmacies/drugstores) the numerous new Essence products drew my attention like a moth to a flame. I found a few new and also not so new products that I just HAD to try. I picked up one of the new Gel nail polishes, express dry drops, a matte finish long lasting lip gloss and then I saw it...two full rows of Essence Make Me Brow products (R47.95). Let's face it the small mascara-like packaging is actually pretty cute although very straightforward. They had a lot of them in both Browny Brows and Blondy Brows. Since I do have lighter hair and a pale skin I decided to go with Blondy Brows which suited my eyebrows perfectly.

The tube contains 3.8 ml of product and resembles the shade of the product inside. The thin spooly brush is about one centimeter long making it very easy to fill the brows without making a mess. I really like the consistency of this brow gel. It is pretty much perfect - not too runny and not to dry. Essence promise a three in one product that fills, colours and sets the brows. I don't completely agree with the filling properties. The Make Me Brow does contain microfibers that gives the brows a fuller look, but they need hair to adhere to. So in the areas, like the eyebrows hairs towards the middle of my face, where you have sparse eyebrows the product will not have a great effect. You can clearly see this in the picture I posted above. It does however give the brow a nice little tint and sets the brows. 

I love that it is super easy to quickly fill your eyebrows and leave them looking beautiful. It is affordable and for some reason I find the coolness of the eyebrow gel in my brows very refreshing first thing in the morning. It can leave your brows feeling slightly stiff once set, but it doesn't bother me personally and if it does just brush through it with a clean spooly.

This is one of my favourite Essence products and I will definitely recommend that everyone tries it at least once. Have you tried this brow product yet? What did you think of it? Remember to leave your links to your blogs in the comment section down below!

Have an awesome weekend!
daisyperson xx