Sunday, 14 September 2014

Liebster Blog Award

I am sure most of you are aware of the Liebster Blog Awards. Basically it is a blogger tag where you answer 11 questions another blogger tagged you to  answer and then tag 11 bloggers to answer 11 questions you ask. As a midweek little extra I decided to answer some of the questions I was tagged to answer.

The Rules...
  • Thank the person who nominated you by linking to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the nominator gave you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
  • Create 11 questions for your nominees.
  • Let your nominees know by getting in touch with them.
I was tagged by The secret life of a makeup addict and Beauty by Kayla G. Thank you ladies! I decided to rather answer both of these two lovely bloggers answers on the same post just to be more effective.

So first off we have The secret life of a makeup addict's questions:
What is the feature you like the most about your face?
Probably my eyes. My face shape is way too broad and my lips too thin to pick those!

What is the one product that makes you feel instantly more confident?
I am sure most girls will agree that mascara is one of the most important steps when doing your makeup, so I am very tempted to say mascara. However when thinking about it a bit more I have to say it actually is my concealer. Whenever I don't wear concealer I find myself feeling much more self conscious throughout the day.
When did you start wearing makeup?
I have been wearing mascara probably since I have been 16. My very first mascara was the infamous Maybelline Great Lash mascara. I added some concealer when I was 17, but only really got into makeup when I was 20. Shocking I know!
What color looks better with your eye color?
I tend to lean more towards natural colours. Colourful eye shadows just never really work for me. I love it on other people but personally think I just end up looking kinda trashy.

Do you prefer powder or cream products?
I'm a powder product girl when it comes to blushers, bronzers and eye shadows. However foundations and concealers need to be creamy in my opinion.

Favourite skincare brand?
At this moment I am really enjoying my Pond's products. I am using the Flawless Radiance line right now.

If you have to pick just one makeup item, what would it be?
Wow this is a hard one! No look would be possible without mascara, concealer and lipstick at least. So I guess if I could only pick one it would have to be mascara. My eye lashes are quite light so if I don't wear mascara they are practically nonexistent.

What was the makeup product that disappointed you the most?
I have had many bad experiences with makeup products and you will hear more about them on my blog soon! The latest product I have been very disappointed with is the Essence 2-in-1 eyeliner pen I bought recently. If you would like a more detailed review on this eyeliner let me know!

What are your passions beside makeup?
I love people and caring for people. My day would not be complete if I did not spend it with the ones I love.

What is your fave makeup artist?
Sinead Cady, I love how she simplifies things and breaks it down into the most obvious steps.

What is the thing makes you proud about yourself?
I always stick to what I believe in and I don't allow people to force me into doing things that I have previously decided I won't do.

What do you like to accomplish in the next year or so?  
I would love to be successful in my studies and to give my absolute best in it. I often procrastinate when having to study and wish I could just stop and give my absolute best.

Thank you for your questions! Next are Kayla's questions:

When did you first start wearing makeup?
See question 3 above :)

How old were you when you had your first boyfriend?
Well the first boyfriend I ever had was when I was six years old. After a week of "dating" aka spending time on the playground together we kind of just forgot that we were a couple. The first real boyfriend I had or well the first big love was when I was 17 years old and we were together for over two years.

Favourite drugstore product?
Why is this so difficult to answer! When I read this tomorrow I will probably think of one I love even more, but at this very second of my life I am going with my Wet 'n Wild blush. It's just so beautifully pigmented and soft. It is difficult not to adore it.

Skincare routine?
Honestly I hardly have one! I use a Yardley makeup remover and then I either wash my face in the shower with my Nivea face wash or in the basin with my Pond's face wash. I usually use the Pond's Flawless Radiance line. It has a serum, under eye cream, night cream etc. I am very guilty of going to bed with makeup when I am really tired though...I know it's terrible!

Are you outgoing or shy?
I am quite shy and generally a rather private person until you get to know me. Once I am comfortable or have had a glass of wine I am quite a laid back and easy going person.

Do you like being a beauty blogger?
I have not been blogging for very long but I do enjoy it. I find it to be a nice way to break away from life and I also love reading the posts and opinions of other girls who love makeup as much as I do since most of my friends don't really care that much for makeup in general. I have started to convert my sister luckily so we like going drugstore makeup shopping together now.

Do you have a YouTube channel? (link it) 

Favourite chocolate?
I am a chocolate freak. I can literally eat slabs and slabs and slabs of chocolate in one night! My favourite chocolate is the Cadbury Bubbly chocolate in the white and brown chocolate one. I actually decided that it was my new favourite chocolate only a week ago. I do also absolutely love the Milka chocolates though! They are more expensive here so I would generally rather buy the Cadbury one. Wish I could get my hands on more Milka chocolates!

Thoughts on Australian makeup prices?
I have no idea what makeup costs in Australia, but when comparing the South African makeup prices with the US dollar then makeup is much more expensive here! And we don't have the added advantageous of couponing and regular specials.

Overhyped/Overrated product?
Rimmel Apocalips, this product was raved about by almost every single beauty guru. It is quite nice and the unique formula is interesting. Personally I'm just not that fond of the texture on my lips and it always feels like it will get messy really easily. I have probably only worn mine twice and I have had it for a year. It is not a bad product I just don't think it was worth the massive hype about it.

Favourite season?
I love spring. The blossoms and new flowers are breath taking and I love the types of clothing you get to wear with in-between-weather!

My questions to the ladies I tag...
1. If you could choose one word to describe yourself or that other people would use to describe you what would it be?
2. What is your blog about? Is it beauty related or lifestyle?
3. How did you choose your blog name?
4. What has been the most challenging thing about blogging and for how long have you been blogging?
5. What according to you is the biggest makeup mistake a girl can make?
6. Yes or no for the use of blue eye shadow?
7. Lengthening or volumising mascara?
8. What is your holy grail drugstore mascara?
9. Who is your celebrity crush or who do you think is really cute?
10. What do you love most about the country you live in?
11. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I tag...

Please let me know when you have answered the questions so I can read your answers!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Budget Beauty: Fashion Edition

I have never planned to post any fashion related posts on my blog, but whilst paging through the Mr. Price website I had the urge to build an outfit. Turned out it was even more fun than I expected and I decided to post it on here as a type of outfit inspiration.

Mr Price is a very budget friendly clothing store in South Africa. Their quality is not the best but they do have a wide variety of styles that according to me suits  various different types of personalities and budgets. The only problem is when shopping at the actual store the clothes sells out so fast that you don't always find what you were looking for if for instance you saw someone wear something and you want to go buy it as well. Down below I made a collage of the outfit I put together with their names and prices as it is on the Mr. Price website. I did post links to the different items at the end of the post.

I would easily wear this as a casual outfit to class, shopping or when going out with friends. Unfortunately they didn't have any black belts that I like as much as I like the brown one so I put the brown belt in but I would actually wear it with a black belt.

I love the Aztec print tank top. It is so pretty and it would be perfect for summer here in South Africa with a pair of denim shorts and sandals. However since we are still transitioning into spring I would wear it with a pair of skinny jeans, pumps as we call it but I think it is generally better known as flats and then throw in a black jersey in case it gets a bit cold.

Don't you just love the cute quilted bag? I am loving the backpack trend that is going on right now. It is so much more comfortable than weighing down one shoulder with a massive handbag. I usually opt for a small cross over bag in general but the backpack would be a nice deviation from what I usually wear.

The pumps/flats are just normal black pumps but the added mesh detail does give it more of a summery feel and I am sure the fresh breeze would feel great on sweaty feet on warmer days.

The outfit totalled at R490, that is round about $46 which according to me is an absolute bargain for an entire outfit. Would you wear this outfit? What jewelry would you add?

I really enjoyed writing this post, but if it is not something you guys like then I obviously don't want to keep posting similar posts! I would appreciate it so much if you could leave a comment telling me if you are for or against a few more fashion posts in the future?

Looking forward to knowing what you guys think of this!
daisyperson xx

Click here for links to mentioned clothing:

Friday, 5 September 2014

Back to School Makeup

It is that time of the year again for all of my American readers. Time to get back to reality and back to school. I still remember how horrifying the evening before a new school year was. I hardly got any sleep due to excitement to see my friends and a little bit of anxiety about the unknown. Usually however the first day always turned out to be one heck of a party and it is nice being surrounded by so many friends on a daily basis. I would never say I miss school, but I do miss that support structure of friends I got to see every single day.

Most of the schools in South Africa require that you wear a uniform. Luckily we had a pretty modern uniform compared to other schools and it was actually really nice to wear it. No struggles with what to wear which one sometimes miss strangely enough. Since we wore uniforms the rules about hair and makeup was really strict. You could literally barely get away with wearing mascara. So this world of makeup looks for first day of school is quite strange to me and that might be the reason some of you may find my Back to School Makeup look a bit boring. However this is what I would have worn. It is very simple and basic because I would have tried to wear my makeup as natural as possible.

Back to school makeup

This foundation is an absolute dream to wear. It doesn't feel like you have a bunch of makeup clogging your pores and it stays pretty much perfect for the entire day. I applied it with my finger tips by dotting it on my cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and neck and then blending it in with my fingers. The one I have is a sample as you can see. I just wanted to give it a try as I normally do not wear foundation daily, but I absolutely love this foundation and will definitely purchase it in the future!

Next I put on my concealer. This is quite a light weight concealer. Some days I love this concealer and other days I really do not enjoy wearing it. Usually with foundation it offers enough coverage but on other days when I am only using concealer and no foundation I find it necessary to add a heavier coverage concealer under my eyes as well. When applying concealer I apply a bunch underneath the entire under eye area and then I dab it in with my ring fingers from the outer corners of my eye to the inner corners.

I apply my bronzer in the typical 3E method with my Essence Powder Brush. I like that this bronzer is quite light and that it doesn't show up orange on my skin or look muddy. It is so easy to have your bronzer look like dirt when you are quite fair and use a relatively dark bronzing powder. I highly recommend the Body Shop Honey Bronzer for anyone with fair skin! It is a bit pricier so I decided to rather add the bargain bronzer in a school focussed "tutorial" since I really can't tell if there is much of a difference between the two in any way!

This blush has been featured on my blog before so if you want a detailed review of it click here. I use my Sarah Hofmann blusher brush to apply it. It is a very pigmented blush so be careful not to have a heavy hand and end up looking like a clown. I kind of like dab the brush against my cheek over the area that I want my blush to be in order to have better control of the amount I apply.

I use my Catrice smokey eye brush (featured here) to apply this to my brows. I did a whole post exclusively on how I do my brows so that they look natural but prettier so if you would like to read that click here. This is a lovely brow product offering lots of control over how prominent you want your brows to be. These colours are great for lighter hair but they do have one with darker colours for brunettes.

I cannot imagine not having a Maybelline mascara in my makeup drawer. Personally I think they make the best mascaras for the price and for that reason I will always recommend them. I really enjoy the One By One mascara, but I do think I actually prefer the Colossal one as it offers a bit more volume than this one.

Peach Parfait is the perfect colour for a natural every day look. It is also very moisturizing and I like that it is glossy without having to add a lip gloss. They are quite pricey where I live though. I bought mine on a three for one special so it was an absolute bargain. Any nude or your lips but better lippie would be perfect.

Obviously you can add things like eyeliner. This is just a basic back to school look that I often put on when going to class in uni.

I hope you enjoyed this look! Post links to your back to school makeup looks in the comment section and tell me what you would add to make this look more suitable for yourself and your personality!

See you all soon
daisyperson xx

Friday, 29 August 2014

Sarah Hyland Inspired Makeup Look

sarah hyland inspired makeup

Sarah Hyland looked like a bronze goddess at this years Emmy Awards Ceremony. I especially find her brows very striking. Her makeup stood out the most at the Emmy's so I decided to do a makeup look inspired by Sarah Hyland's Emmy Awards 2014 look.

Please keep in mind that by no means am I trying to make myself look like her. It is pretty clear that there is no resemblance in our face shape, skin tone or hair so this is only a makeup look that was inspired by this gorgeous lady. So no when you see the final product I will not have magically transformed to look just like this pretty girl! Let's face it I am way too pale to pull off a bronzed goddess look as well as she does! 

I used quite a lot of products as you can see in the photo down below. I will post any reviews that I have previously written on mentioned products at the end of this post so you can head over there for a detailed review of the product.

no makeup makeup look

I started off by applying my Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (1) with my fingers. Remember to extend it onto your neck and to quickly go over and behind your ears to make it look flawless. After this I applied my Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base (2) and I used my fingers to pat it in on my eyelid. I did this relatively early because it needs some time to dry before you can apply your eyeshadow over it.

To get a more bronzed look I applied my Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (3) with my Essence Powder Brush (4) in the 3E areas of my face. I also brushed a little bit over my forehead and down my neck to ensure that my face does not get too bronze in comparison to my neck.

Next I used the brush in the Essence eyebrow stylist set (5) to pack on quite a lot of product into my eyebrows. For this look I think the eyebrows are one of the most important features so do not be afraid to really fill them in. After this I added some more product with my Catrice Smokey Eye brush (6) and ran that through my brows to ensure that my eyebrows are neat and all the hairs are going into the correct directions.

By this time the eyeshadow base has dried and I took the pinkish colour (the bottom one) of my Wet N Wild Walking On Eggshells palette (7) and packed some on my eyelid with my finger. I then added the lightest colour onto my browbone with a different finger. I feel I can get more product onto my lid by packing it on my with fingers instead of using a brush. I did however use the brush I bought at Woolworths (8) to blend the darkest colour of the same pallete into my crease. It was much more prominent off camera and I am a little bit disappointed with how the photos came out. I then applied the Essence Long Lasting Pencil in Chocolate (9) on my tight line and the outer corners of my water line. 

Finally it is time to conceal the imperfections. I used the Essence Stay All Day concealer in 01 Natural (10) by applying a bit underneath my eye next to my nose and then blending it outward towards the outer corners of my eyes. Today I also added a little bit of the Catrice Camouflage Cream (11) to try and create flawless looking skin like Sarah has. After finishing concealing my undereyes I also concealed the spots of hyperpigmentation on my chin.

I then climbed in with another bronzer, the Essence Sun Club bronzer for blondes (12) to try and bronze myself up a bit more. I seriously need to buy some more pigmented bronzers for summer! I applied this with the Essence Powder brush (4) as well and I also added a bit to my cheeks because Sarah's cheeks looks quite bronze. Then I used the brush that came with my Wet N Wild blush (13) to contour my nose. I actually contoured my nose earlier but after applying the concealer I covered it all up and had to redo it at this stage.

My Yardley Stayfast blusher in Sherry Sparkle (14) is my only blush that is not a pink or a red so I rather went with this berry coloured blush. I applied it with my Sarah Hofmann blush brush (15) on my cheek bones and avoided adding any on the apples of my cheeks. If you do see any redness on my cheeks please excuse it. My rosacea was quite prominent today so I had quite a prominent red cheek throughout the entire process and if you are not wearing foundation rosacea can be quite a pain to cover up!

I set it all with my Yardley Stayfast Pressed Powder (16) in 01 Translucent using the Essence Powder Brush once again. With everything in order it was time to curl my eyelashes (17) and put on some Maybelline One By One mascara (18). I was a bit disappointed with this mascara today. It just did not want to seperate my lashes and didn't hold the curl as well as it usually does.

After this I used a bit of the eyeshadow I applied in my crease to add just below my lower lash line. I did this with the spongy applicator that came in the Wet N Wild eyeshadow trio compact. I also added a bit of the brow bone colour to the inner corners of my eyes to brighten up my eyes.

Finally I added my Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick in 200 Maroon (19) as this is literally the only dark bronzish lipstick I own. I added some of my Essence XXXL shine lipglosses in dazzle glow (20) to the middle third of my mouth but to be honest I could have skipped this step as it did not make much of a difference as the lipstick is quite glossy stupid me for thinking it would actually have an effect!

Down below is a photo of the final makeup look compared to my before photo. 

make up before and after

Next is a photo with my eyes closed so you can see the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow showed up really poorly on all of my photos. Does anyone perhaps have some tips on photographing eyeshadow?

makeupThat is it for my celebrity inspired makeup look! I will be away for the weekend so I decided to post this a bit earlier so I don't have to worry about a blog going up as the rest of the week will be quite hectic.

Hope you are all doing well!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Drugstore Gem: Catrice Camouflage Cream

drugstore gem catrice camouflage cream

The Catrice Camouflage Cream caught my attention after reading about it on Chicara's blog Lipgloss Kisses. After reading up about it even more I just had to get my hands on it. I honestly didn't need it since I already have a heavy duty concealer, but with all the lovely things said about it and the price tag (under R50 at Dischem) I just had to get my hands on it as soon as possible!

So this high coverage concealer by Catrice can basically eliminate any sign of redness, dark circles and the zit that sets up camp on my chin every single month. I had one of those awfully painful zits earlier this month, you know those "blind" ones that hurts when you move your face or smile, anyway it was also bright red and this concealer literally eliminated that pimple. Yes, the bump was obviously still visible, but there was no sign of redness and the concealer didn't budge. I set it with a powder and according to their website this leads to a waterproof effect. 

catrice camouflage cream

It works really well for the under eye area as well. However I would not recommend that you use only this for that purpose. If you were to pack it underneath the entire eye it easily looks cakey and I think it makes my pores look worse. So I use my normal concealers to cover up the most of my dark circles and then I use the Camouflage Cream on those difficult extra dark areas close to my nose that is always such a pain to cover up. I find doing it this way works the best as everything is camouflaged without looking heavily packed. Below you can see how it easily covered up the naevi on my arm. The insides of my arms are extremely pale so the shade of the concealer does not match the extra paleness of my inner arms, but it does match my face luckily! So it doesn't look perfect down below but you do get an idea of the amount of coverage this product offers.

catrice camouflage cream

I would definitely recommend this soft creamy miracle photoshop-on-your-face concealer. The price is great, the consistency is great, it is easy to use and personally I think the packaging is good. The packaging is black with a clear top as you can see in the photos, but it gives it a very simplistic classy look which I like.

catrice camouflage cream

The only downside to this concealer is that it does start breaking down after a few hours which is such a pity. So underneath the eye it gets kind of patchy with areas with no concealer so if you are going out for the day be sure to pack the concealer in so you can touch it up throughout the day. Luckily it is a small pot that would not open up in your bag so this should be easy enough. Setting it with a powder also helps.

I think this is a must have in any drugstore makeup lovers makeup bag! Do any of you own one yet? What are your drugstore makeup gems? Let me know!

Hope you all get loads of time to rest today beautiful ladies!
daisyperson xx