Sunday, 7 February 2016

Revlon Fragrance GIVEAWAY

Everyone are well aware of the Revlon Fire & Ice fragrance range which was launched way back in the 90s. Now almost twenty years later two brand new much anticipated fragrances has been added to this famous collection and I am sure you are just as curious as I was to find out a little bit more about them.

With the new fragrances Inferno and Ice Radiance added to the original Fire & Ice collection one thing is certain - Revlon is all about women with passion who knows what she wants and works hard to get it. The Fire & Ice range is all about love, attraction and sex appeal three words that are synonymous with Valentine's day. One of you will get to add a little bit of love, a pinch of attraction and a whole lot of sex appeal to your Valentine's day, keep reading to find out how! 

I received the two new fragrances from Revlon to review and giveaway and as you can see I already wore one of them quite a bit.  The orange fragrance is Fire & Ice Inferno. A sultry scent with notes of orange blossom, exotic patchouli and sandalwood. This one is the more spicy one of the two. I would recommend Inferno if you like to be bold with the scents you wear. 

If, like me, you prefer a sweeter scent then you are the Ice in Fire & Ice. This blue fragrance better known as Ice Radiance is a much lighter fruity scent with crisp green apple, morning jasmine, white mush and amber notes. It reminds me a lot of Light Blue by Dolce & Gabana but at a fraction of the price. The Fire & Ice Eu de Toilette fragrances retail for R289 for 50 ml which is a bargain.

Thanks to Revlon South Africa you all can stand a chance to add some love, attraction and sex appeal to your Valentine's day and every other day thereafter. To enter simply follow the easy steps on Rafflecopter which will select a winner at random on the 14th of February. This giveaway is only open to South African residents and a winner will be announced shortly after the giveaway closes.

Terms and conditions:
  • Open to South African residents only - sorry international friends
  • No giveaway accounts, entries from giveaway accounts will be disqualified
  • Competition will be running from 7 February 2016 until 14 February 2016 
  • If winner does not respond within one week of announcement a new winner will be selected
  • Your details will only be used to validate your entries and will not be sold to any third party
  • By liking my Facebook page to enter this competition you agree that this promotion is not associated with, administered by or endorsed by Facebook and acknowledge a complete release of Facebook by your participation
  • If you have won a giveaway on DaisyPerson Blog in the last 3 months you are not eligible to win this giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to everyone who popped in. I am a really curious person so let me know what you will be doing this Valentine's day! And if you are single that just means you have more money for makeup so let's celebrate that too :)


Sunday, 31 January 2016

Korean Beauty

I have missed you guys. Life has been crazy busy, but I couldn't stop wishing I had a little bit more free time so I can blog as consistently as I normally would. I probably need to do a little bit of a life update blog post, but for now I will just share some of the awesome goodies that I've received and trialed over the last two months. All of these goodies are available on the BonjourHK website.

First of all I tried this Aqua Collagen Lifting Eye Patch. It was a good size and snugly fit underneath my eyes. I'm not sure if you are supposed to use it regularly for an eye patch to actually make a difference but for the couple of minutes it was underneath my eyes it did not make a noticeable difference. It was however very relaxing and for that reason I would recommend it.

I can't go a day without my cellphone, lip balm and hand cream. So when I saw this Rose Mine Hand Cream in the package I was really excited. I love that the packaging has a vintage feel it. The cream itself has a very nice floral scent and it quickly gets absorbed into the skin so you are not left with an oily residue that makes you leave fingerprints wherever you go. This was really nice to just throw in my handbag and take along wherever I go.

This is the one product that I was not impressed with at all. Having rather light eye lashes my mascara needs to be black, the blackest of black. This Yuméi mascara, although beautifully sleek packaging, just didn't do it for me. I don't see the point of a clear mascara especially one that is more expensive than your average mascaras. Sure if you have amazing giraffe like lashes then maybe this is all you need, but for me this is not something I would reach for. Do people with lash extensions use clear mascaras? If you know please let me know down below.

I have always seen the 3 Concept Eyes products on the BonjourHK website and they always look amazing. Naturally I was really exciting seeing this little gem in the package I received. I also love that it is such a unique shade (Boo Boo) and probably not something I would have selected myself. The orange toned blush actually works rather well with my pale skin and makes my skin look vibrant during the summery months.

I have posted a full review and tutorial on these My Lip Tint Pack's before and you can read that here. Essentially it is a product that you can use to give your lips a slight pink tint. It works well enough, but is more suitable for girls of school going age. Cool concept though.

I love this Yuméi Flawless Eye Makeup Water Cleanser. It not only does a great job at removing tough eye shadow, it also feels soothing around the eyes. It doesn't burn my eyes either which is a massive bonus in my books as I have a way to rub cleansers and makeup remover straight into my eyes. I also love the packaging. Especially the holographic print on the box, isn't it beautiful.

Finally I received these Heated Eye Masks. I am not going to lie I was scared shirRtless to give these eye patches a try. All the instructions are written in Korean (if I'm not mistaken I'm sorry if I am wrong) and I couldn't find clear English instructions anywhere on the internet. I was really scared that it would irritate my skin and leave me with embarrassing red patches. However although a strange concept to have pads automatically heat up on your eyes it was a rather soothing sensation and in the end it was as a matter of fact relaxing.

That was quite a lovely package to enjoy and really pamper myself with. Thank you BonjourHK for spoiling me. Although these products were sent to me for review I would just like to state that as with all of my blog posts my views and reviews are still my own honest opinions of these products. Have you tried any of these? And if you could only try one what would it be? Let me know in the comment section and remember to leave the links to your blogs!

daisyperson xx

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Pamper Day Pedicure

Every girl loves being pampered. Albeit in our own way everyone needs some alone time. Whether it's the five minutes before you get to bed if you're a busy mom or a weekly mani pedi depending on your preference. Pampering for me mostly consists of using a face mask and often that is just because my skin is looking horrible instead of taking a moment to just relax.

My latest obsession is at home foot spas. Just like with waxing I prefer doing spas and treatments on my own if I am able to. Besides being a student and not having an income I'm also a rather private person and get a little bit shy in spas like I imagine them thinking 'wow she clearly does not belong here' or 'omg what did she do with these feet'. It's silly I know, but I still prefer doing it on my own, in my pjs and whenever I want to.

So I thought I would share my pedicure routine with you today. I like doing it in the bath tub just because it's easy to get the water in and out without a mess. My bath has some space at the side so I can relatively comfortably sit on the side while I soak my feet. I'm actually sitting in this position as I am typing this post. I am going to my boyfriend's end of year function tonight and so I want my feet to look well looked after tonight. 

I use some foam bath in the water I soak my feet in. I find it leaves it nice and soft, it smells great and I love how any form of a foam bath makes me feel special and pampered. I never have more than one bottle of foam bath at a time. Right now I'm using the Radox foam bath. Although it smells great the bubble quality is really unimpressive and so I don't recommend this one. It smells lovely though. I then run nice and warm water in. Obviously cold enough to be able to keep my feet in it, but warmer than I would make a regular bath. I then sit back and let my feet soak for 10-20 minutes depending on how much time I have.

I then use this foot pumice gently around the edges of my feet to remove any hard or dry skin. This helps to get that beautiful smooth heel that everyone wants when wearing sandals. After I finish pumicing my feet I quickly rinse and dry it. Once dry I use a heel balm of some sorts to help nourish this often neglected area. A good tip is to put on some socks after putting cream on your heels. It helps your heel soak in the cream but at the same time protecting your floors from this oily substance.

And voila at home foot spa is finished. When I am not wearing any nail polish I like to use tools to press back the cuticles, but I generally do not do this often as healthy cuticles is essential for healthy nails and I don't want to damage them any more.

What is your number one way to pamper yourself? Let me know in the comment section and as always remember to leave links to your blogs!

daisyperson xx

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Beauty Awards 2015

Another year, another opportunity to put the spotlight on some of my favourite products of the year. When picking my favourite products of the year I try focussing on products that I have been using continuously throughout the year. I also focus on products that I purchased during the year irrespective of their release date so it isn't necessarily only products that was launched in 2015. It is those products that I found myself going back to time and time again and so I am very happy to share them with you. I will tell you a bit more about the winners and link to other blog posts if they have been thoroughly reviewed so be sure to click on any pink highlighted words to follow the links. After discussing the winners I also mention two nominees or honourable mentions which are those products that are awesome as well, but we can only have one winner.

1. Best Eyeshadow Palette

The winner in this category is the Flomar palette in Nude Dudes. I've been using this palette on a daily basis and I am dreading the day that I hit pan. It is a beautiful collection of excellent quality nudes. The colour pay-off is great and it lasts practically all day.

The nominees or honourable mentions are the LA Girl Beauty Brick in Nude and the Wet 'n Wild Walking On Eggshells Trio.

2. Best Makeup Brushes

The winner is this Brush Shop ten piece makeup brush set that you can also buy in my shop. This set is just perfect in my opinion. The brushes are beautifully dense and just as soft or even softer than my other brushes. The set also contains a great variety of brushes to cover anything you might need them for.

The nominees are the Real Techniques Stipling Brush and various CALA eye shadow brushes.

3. Best Lipstick

The winner is Bourjois Shine Edition lipstick in Rose xoxo. This was such a difficult category to pick a winner since I use and love such a big variety of lipsticks. The Bourjois lipstick won because I have not only been reaching for this on a daily basis but also keeping it in my handbag. It is such an easy shade to throw on without a hassle and it looks beautiful. I also love how moisturized my lips feel when wearing it.

The nominees are the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Rose and Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial.

4. Best Nail Treatment

The winner is the Rimmel Nail Nurse Base Coat. This base coat has changed my life with regards to nail polish. Never before has any product made such a big difference to my nails as this base coat has. It improves the lasting power of nail polishes and is said to promote smoother, stronger, longer moisturized and shinier nails.

The nominees are the Omega Top Coat and the Essence Express Dry Drops.

5. Best Nail Polish

The winner is Ladylike by Essie. This is a beautiful shade that is easy to wear to all occasions. Besides how beautifully natural the shade is, the quality of the polish is excellent and it is ridiculously easy to apply. The application is streak free and I find that Ladylike does not chip as quickly as my other nail polishes often do.

6. Best Eye Product

This category includes all mascaras, eyeliners, serums, eye shadow bases and eye shadow singles. The winner of this category is the Integrate liner. I have always been completely useless when attempting to line my upper eyelid let alone attempt a cat eye. This is the first eyeliner that I have used that makes it easy. The pigmentation is excellent and the brush is the perfect size and length to ensure practically flawless application.

The nominees are my Hean Velvet Eye Shadow Singles and the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.

7. Best Brow Product

The winner is Make Me Brow by Essence. I have Blondy Brows and it is just such a quick and easy way to get perfect looking eyebrows. It is easy to use and affordable and so the perfect recipe for success.

8. Best Face Product

This broad category including foundations, powders, bronzers and blushers was quite challenging to pick a winner from. The winner is the LA Colors 3D Blush Contour Kit in Sweet Heart. I've been using it almost daily and love that you have a bronzer and a blush in one product which makes it super easy to use.

The nominees are the Revlon Colorstay Mattifying Foundation and the Honey Bronze Bronzer by The Body Shop.

9. Best Pamper Product

The winner is The Body Shop Body Butters. I love all the scents of the Body Butters that I have used to date. I am currently using Brazilian Nut which I love and recommend. This Body Butter is moisturizing, soaks well into the skin and leaves you smelling delicious.

The nominees are Freeman Clay Face Mask in Dead Sea Minerals and Woolworths Shower Gel in Vanilla and Brown Sugar.

And so another year reaches it's end. I am excited for what 2016 holds for each and everyone of you. May you all have a happy new year! Please leave links to your blogs so I can give it a read in the new year!

daisyperson xx

Thursday, 24 December 2015

'tis the season for red lips

Christmas is here, technically. In my home Christmas always gets kicked off by a family gathering on Christmas eve, followed by more eating and gathering on Christmas day. So first of all I would like to start off by wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Thank you for the ongoing support throughout this year of blogging and sticking with me when things got a bit hectic. May 2016 build on this year and may you achieve your wildest dreams in the new year. To kick off Christmas you really need a red lip. Or at least reddish. So here is my top picks for red lips this Christmas.

The lips...

I have yet to find that one ultimate red lipstick that just looks perfect with my complexion. Here are a few that I tend to play around with. My first and current favourite red might come as a surprise to you. It was not long ago that I vowed never to buy another Maybelline Color Show lipstick due to a bad prior experience, but I have actually fallen in love with the shade Red My Lips. It has a creme sheen finish with absolutely no shimmer. The lasting power is good but the lipstick does transfer so be careful when going out to eat.

Another recent addition is Smokin Hot Pink by Wet 'n Wild. It's not a true red, but it is exactly that that makes me love it. The pink makes it slightly more subtle and easier to pull off if like me you are not used to wearing bright lip colours on a daily basis. The colour is still rich and for that reason I like it for Christmas.

Candy Apple one of the Revlon Lip Butters is another beautiful red. It is a sheer shade which makes it less Christmassy in my opinion. You have to put on a lot of the product to get a rich red look. With some lip liner or even a different red as a base it does however create a beautiful red lip as in my Twitter profile pic.

Down below I have added in my current Twitter profile picture so that you can see Candy Apple in action. I used the Wet 'n Wild Megaslick Balm Stain as a base which worked great to intensify the lipstick, but also increasing the lasting power as the lip butters tend to fade rather quickly.

For those of you who prefer a lip gloss consistency I would suggest Show Off. This liquid lipstick is part of the new range by Essence and also a beautiful red based pink. I was quite surprised to find how well the colour last taking the affordability into consideration as well as the lip gloss like consistency. I was pleasantly surprised by this product. Thumbs up from me Essence!

That's it. Let me know what your favourite is in the comment section down below and remember to leave links to your blogs so that I can return the favour.

Merry Christmas!

daisyperson xx